Everything You Have Ever Wanted To Know About Slots

Everything You Have Ever Wanted To Know About Slots

Modern machines for playing slots are very different from their original options. Moreover, you can try this favorite game of many gamers not only in the land-based clubs but also as the most convenient online slots on the World Wide Web.

Still, the idea of ​​this game is the same. If you want to win, you need to get a special combination of symbols. Everything is simple and that is why entertainment is so popular among players all over the world. Let us find out all the interesting information and facts about slots, their history, and their reality.

Slot machines: history and development

This kind of entertainment was developed more than a century ago. Why did it gain such popularity? The simple and exciting idea was exactly the thing that attracted the attention of the gamers.

Machines for poker

The first devices for the game that utilized coins were made at the end of the XIX century. These were the first options with five reels and fifty cards according to the poker. After lowering a coin inside, the player pulled the handle, and then the reels rotated. It is worth mentioning the system of payments that existed at that time. The winner went to the bar and got a cigar or a beer as a present.

‘One-armed bandit’

After some years of the first experience, the development of the game was continued by Charles Fey. He is often referred to as a ‘father of slots’. He created two machines in 1894 and 1895. These options gained popularity under the name of ‘one-armed bandits’ because the reels were started by a specific lever.

Liberty Bell

Another four years were needed and then Fey appeared at the market with another new option. This one was equipped with an automatic system for payments. There were three symbols to collect and after winning the player got a jackpot. This novelty became very popular. When the machines were later banned, Fey still continued his production.

Fruit machine

This was the next step in the history of gambling and its development. Instead of the card symbols on the reels appeared different colorful fruits: orange, cherry, apple, and other similar symbols. Interestingly enough, the payouts were also made with chewing gums with fruit flavors. That happened because gambling is under restrictions and all money operations were prohibited.

Mechanical and video slot

The first machine of a totally new type was created in the middle of the XX century. It had advanced technology for automatic payments for the winner. Moreover, the gamer could put inside up to 500 coins. No technical support was needed for this.

Two years later the video slots appeared, the machines got a second screen and the entertainment gained more and more audience.

Nowadays gamers are provided with a huge number of slots both in land-based and online clubs. They possess a different amount of reels and paylines, symbols and available bonuses also differ very much. You can find the classic options as well as thematic and very specific slots. Moreover, the industry is still expanding and creating more novel options for avid players and their pleasure.

Online Casino World

The most progressive recent step in gambling in general and in slots especially was the movement towards the World Wide Web. This industry was one of the first to realize the prospects and probable profits of operating online casino Ireland.

The first online clubs appeared almost 30 years ago and since that time they are constantly expanding. The most recent restrictions due to the pandemic situation proved the advisability of opening more and more online clubs and developing technologies to make the game as realistic as possible.

Of course, each reliable online establishment provides its clients with lots of options and among them is a wide variety of slots such as:

  • traditional;
  • video;
  • mega spin;
  • progressive.


Many avid players are nostalgic for the earliest machines. They remember the atmosphere of those years and the excitement of the playing process. Imagine that you are just pulling the lever and after some period of time the combination appears on the screen. This excitement is really hard to forget and it is also not so easy to feel it in an online mode.

Therefore, the developers are trying their best to provide the gamers with a proper experience while playing online. They create slots with different amounts of reels and paylines, but save the general scheme to create a retro atmosphere. As a classic option, you will definitely find a machine with three reels, a few paylines, and a simple round as a bonus.

Do not forget about the most popular in this series – fruit machines. This game is preferred by beginners due to its simplicity and attractiveness. You collect fruits – you need three identical options in a row. Everything is bright, fast and so exciting! No wonder, that each online club provides this game for the clients.


This variety of the traditional slots became very popular because in this case, the player can find something that appeals to him or her. This type usually contains five reels. The number of paylines can reach hundreds. The picture and sounds are making the gaming process really exciting.

Moreover, as heroes appear famous movie characters, musicians, and other well-known persons. The gamer even can choose the soundtrack that is the most suitable for him or her. So you can think about the atmosphere and fully immerse yourself into it with the help of this game. It is totally fascinating and creates a unique experience.

Mega spin

This was a completely new invention in this area. Here the gamer can play no more than 10 games at a time. The procedure is the following:

  • You select the desired options and the amount of the bet.
  • Then you press the one button to start the fun.
  • Up to 50 reels are starting to spin at once, and you wait for the result.

While selecting this type of game, you highly increase the ability to win and get a huge jackpot. In most cases, you will find 3-reel machines for this game, but sometimes it can be more.

Progressive slot

This term means a network that has one united winning option for all of them. Every time the gamer plays such a game, the total sum of the winning increases. But the jackpot is going to be won by only one lucky gamer. The total size of the prize depends on the number of people who are trying their chances in the game.

This type of playing mode was developed by Microgaming. Actually, this company was the first to introduce online gambling into the market. Moreover, this company is known for the greatest winning in history that was written down in the Guinness Book of Records. The gamer Mr. Heywood won the unbelievable amount of nearly EUR 18,000,000.00.

What are we playing for?

The gamer is interested not only in the game they play but also in the probable winning. Let us discuss what is waiting for you while the game is still in progress.


This one is progressive and applies to one slot. Its amount generally accumulates slowly, but the gamer can be waiting for a big win at the end of the game.


It is a subspecies among the progressive options. Here it is almost impossible to get a multimillion-dollar winning, but the chance of getting this option is relatively high.


For this option, the prize fund is accumulated through the slots of several clubs that utilize the same provider of the games. The total sum of money here is often huge, but there are not many chances to become a winner.


In this case, the club sets the special amount and there will be no changes in it. Moreover, the size of the prize is not affected by the number of gamers or any other parameters that can influence the outcomes in other cases. Such an option is less popular than its counterparts are, but still, it is present in the market.

While choosing the game always pay attention to the type of prize that is presented. Due to it, you can evaluate your chances of winning.

The recent achievements in the slots area

It is not easy to say what slot options are the most popular among gamers nowadays. Fans of classic games are still playing them, while lovers of innovations all the time are trying something new and are never satisfied with the existing options. As the most recent types of this game we should mention:

  • 3D option;
  • play for free;
  • virtual reality;
  • provably fair.

The most realistic experience and the real excitement are provided by the 3D option. New brands are appearing all the time, so there are always many novel types to try. The developers create ‘cinematic slots’ that fully immerse the players in the game. It is not about the button press. You will have here your own unique story.

At first, the intro is shown to the gamer, from which one can understand the plot. Then the play starts and it reminds a riddle. It is even more exciting due to the presence of different types of bonuses, pictures, and lively soundtracks.

Freeplay became another popular trend. It appeared because of the wide variety of online clubs. How to select one? Of course, it is better to join that establishment that offers the game for free. Then you can try it and decide whether or not you want to play for real money. Therefore, this option today is provided by most trustworthy clubs.

Also, virtual reality gained a huge rise in popularity. This type of innovation is presented in slots and other gambling options as well. Here you do not need to use your imagination. Everything in the game will be just like in the land-based club, so you can enjoy the brilliant exciting atmosphere while staying at home. No wonder, that it became so popular recently.

At last, different fair slots where one can play using cryptocurrencies have become a modern trend. The game is played like regular slots, but with one distinctive feature. There is a built-in system for tracking the spins and their results. This is needed to stay sure that the club does not influence the outcomes and that all the process is totally fair.

Now you know everything that you ever wish to understand about slots. This type of game belongs to one of the most simple but still quite enjoyable entertainment. No wonder, that each club tries to find the best options, including the most modern, and present them to the clients. It is easy to become a winner in this game, just try the most common options and choose the one that suits you best.

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