888 uses tech to evolve products as AI Amanda goes live

888 uses tech to evolve products as AI Amanda goes live

It has been announced today by 888, a leading online gambling juggernaut, that it has launched a brand new virtual assistant that is AI enabled, named Amanda.

The new ‘customer-focused’ product development is being introduced across online gambling brands operated by 888 and is designed to ensure players are gambling for fun and responsibly.

Additionally, by enhancing the usability and ‘richness’ of 888 front-end brands, customers can receive personalised responses from ‘Amanda’, including answers to common questions, free bet information and bonus details, all of which are provided in ‘human-like’ responses.

According to reports, the idea behind the new product introduction is to highlight safer gambling objectives in order for customers to make responsible and safe decisions about their activity, including play time and wagering.

Through the use of phrase and term detection, the AI service is able to automatically flag players that may need referring to the corporation’s safe gambling staff member for support and account observation.

Overall, the iGaming giant is hoping that the introduction of this sophisticated tool using the most advanced technology will not only assist in its sustainable growth strategy, but also to allow the brand to continue offering the best customer service and experiences that are in-tune with the company’s roadmap.

Roee Peled of 888 commented on the product launch and what it aims to achieve:

For 888, new product development goes beyond just creating content-rich games for our market-leading brands.

We are constantly looking at how we can use our technology to evolve our products and processes to improve the experience for our customers, and Amanda is an excellent example of this principle in practice.

By developing new ways of providing support and information for our players, we will be better able to increase customer retention and loyalty

Amanda is also another great example of how can leverage technology and AI to support our broader safer gambling objective and adds another safer gambling layer to enhance our existing Control Centre and Observer tools.

As we look ahead to the coming months, we are excited to launch more innovative products to continue delivering a world-class betting and gaming experience for players.

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