New ‘Lootbox’ feature launched by Softswiss Sportsbook

New 'Lootbox' feature launched by Softswiss Sportsbook

Softswiss, the leading online casino and betting platform provider has today announced that it has launched a brand new feature, ‘Lootbox’ on its proprietary Sportsbook.

In a bid to continuously gamify sports betting online, the provider has introduced the unique and innovative feature that allows sports betting enthusiasts at operator partner sites to win additional bonuses within their standard sports betting process.

This move not only broadens and enhances the bettor’s experience, but also increases engagement and accrue bonus points when placing wagers on sporting events across the globe.

According to reports, this exclusive sports betting feature is an industry first as Softswiss makes history of becoming the first betting platform provider to introduce such engagement tool, whereby players can rack up points in order to activate a bonus using a selection process.

The selection process operates by showing various ‘loot-boxes’ on the customers screen, whereby they can choose one a win free bets.

Free bets from the innovative Lootbox betting feature are equal to the customers average bet placed on site, allowing each individual to see exactly how much their bonus is to be.

As part of the feature integration process, gambling operators utilising the Softswiss Sportsbook platform are able to configure the new bonus settings along with optimising it for different categories, providing greater flexibility and convenience through control and customisation.

Furthermore, the demand for gamification in the online betting space is high and this tool is designed to meet the needs and demands of both operators and bettors alike.

Not only is the Lootbox a useful addition to the platform, but is also brings to the forefront yet another player engagement tool that sets it apart from the competition, paving the way for increased retention and revenue opportunities.

Alexandr Kamenetskyi of Softswiss Sportsbook commented on the new betting Lootbox tool and what it means for bettors and operator partners:

When developing new bonuses, we always pay attention to market trends and the needs of the players and operators.

Gamification is what the market demands right now and it’s one of the key goals for Sportsbook. The Lootbox bonus is a great addition to the features we have already added to our solution.

Moreover, it’s a new bonus type for the betting market, so it’s a double pleasure to offer exclusive tools for our partners and players!

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