QCI Platform deployment at Bluewater Resort and Casino

QCI Platform deployment at Bluewater Resort and Casino

Bluewater Resort and Casino, the Only Arizona Casino Resort Hotel on the Colorado River, has today announced that it will be deploying the data-driven slot platform by Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI).

The platform, which is designed to accelerate businesses through data intelligence and increased revenue generation, will be deployed by the Parker-based establishment, whereby the operator will collect and optimise player interaction data in depth and utilise insights in relation to terminal performance.

As part of the link-up, QCI will install the platform at the Bluewater Resort and Casino and employees at the venue will be trained in how to use its features and fundamental operation to maximise its potential.

Reportedly, the platform provider’s innovative product was the winner of a ‘careful’ selection process by the casino operator due to its in depth and comprehensive analytic approach to slots gaming in the active space.

Additionally, not only will the casino resort be able to gain in-depth insights in to its activity on the casino floor, but it will also be able to adapt to the dynamic and evolving gaming market and better understand player behaviours and trends through gaming product data and optimisation.

QCI is currently a market-leader in the field of data analysis, particularly for casinos with slot terminals, and the platform is able to automatically understand each individual gaming floor dynamics and player interaction, including poor performing machines and top earners.

What’s more, by installing the QCI platform now, the Bluewater Resort and Casino will be laying the foundations for intelligent casino floor analysis immediately and in the future, as the operator looks to work closely with the provider to meet the needs and demands of the business.

Phil Hall of the Bluewater Resort and Casino commented on the platform deployment by QCI and what it means for the business going forward:

After a careful selection process, we evaluated QCI as having the most comprehensive slot analytic solution in the gaming analytics space. The solution enables us to address critical questions in what is now a very dynamic and ever-changing gaming market.

Furthermore, the QCI gaming community approach to a business relationship allows us to collaborate to meet our current and future needs.

Dr Ralph Thomas of QCI also commented on the company’s latest link-up:

We are honored that Bluewater Resort & Casino has begun deploying the QCI Slots tool to assist with managing and optimizing their slot and table games mix.

Our growing partnership exemplifies the importance of the QCI collaborative philosophy in regards to continued enhancement of our products.

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