New convenient interaction tool launched by Softswiss’ Affilka

New convenient interaction tool launched by Softswiss' Affilka

Leading online affiliate management software provider, Affilka, part of Softswiss, has today announced the launch of a brand new convenient interaction tool, Reports API.

Reports API is designed to make day to day interactions streamlined and more convenient through the use of real-time statistics relating to a multitude of services and data, including brands, marketing campaigns and player activity among others.

In addition, report processing is not only more transparent and quicker, but much more easier, allowing the tool to draw-out the latest information at any time.

In light of this, partners of the affiliate management software are able to view the bigger picture when it comes to campaign results, allowing them to adjust and tweaks configurations to suit in a time efficient manner, whilst utilising up to date and accurate data.

Effective immediately, the new Reports API tool has been integrated to the platform and is readily available for operators and partners to utilise, allowing them to maximise their management and software to suit, in conjunction with tracking, marketing, payments and feed automation.

Reportedly, this sophisticated tool is part of a wider strategy to continuously improve and enhance the software platform and overall affiliate management service, through the addition of new features.

One of the core benefits of such feature is that users are not limited to accessing reporting functionality via the platforms interface, but instead utilising API call functionality in a variety of formats, including XML and CSV.

What’s more, there are no delays in calling and processing data from a variety of channels based on what the operator and partner action.

Furthermore, Softswiss’ Affilka brand has also announced the release of new documentation relating to Frontend API, whereby operators can develop their own affiliate interface from the ground up, with the addition of custom landing pages and personalised forms.

Anastasia Borovaya of Affilka by Softswiss commented on the new Reports API tool:

We are constantly looking for tools to improve our service, running the Reports API feature is one of those.

As a result, all the reports are available not only within the affiliate and operator interface or in CSV, JSON & XML formats but via API calls as well.

It allows us to share all data instantly, without delay, which is vital for ensuring efficient collaboration between all parties.

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