Nux Game announces new platform updates

Nux Game announces new platform updates

Online gambling management company, Nux Game, provider of B2B solutions for sports betting and iGaming firms, has today announced a series of new updates for its platform, which are designed to enhance the software and streamline various services and transactions within its capabilities.

The latest update brings with it player to player money transfers, which allow funds to be transferred directly between players, rather than to and from a host environment.

This sophisticated technology works in a similar way to that of digital e-wallets, whereby individual accounts have control over directly sending eachother money on an account to account basis.

In the instance of making such transactions, deposits can be made to one account from another through a simplistic process involving a players ID, username and email address.

Additionally, when an administrator makes a payment on an account, a new text field has been introduced to add a reason for the transaction, therefore allowing each payment to be recorded in the payment history segment of the user interface.

Along with tweaks to the payment side of the platform, Nux Game has also enhanced the sports betting slip to make it more comprehensible, along with the introduction of sports icons so that each individual sport can be identified quickly and efficiently for any sports league or sport game.

Furthermore, through the use of live score technology, sports bettors will be able to utilise the live score feature so that bets can be viewed in real-time on live-matches and events that are taking place.

The iGaming and betting provider is currently a leading brand in its field due to its wide range of products and features that are constantly being updated and enhanced based on client and customer feedback.

The introduction of these new platform updates comes just days after the firm introduced risk management tools for betting and gaming customers in specific regions and jurisdictions around the world. These protocols are inline with local and regional authorities and provide tools that can be utilised for the safety and recognition of individuals who may be at risk of gambling-related harms, including addiction.

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