Caesars Entertainment maintains competitiveness through RateGain deal

Caesars Entertainment maintains competitiveness through RateGain deal

One of the biggest gaming companies in the United States, Caesars Entertainment, has today announced that it has signed a new partnership deal with RateGain that will allow the firm to maintain its competitiveness across all markets.

The deal will see the casino and hotel operator utilise real-time rate intelligence to boost performance and profitability at its properties.

As part of the partnership, the operator will implement a series of product verticals from the provider, including OPTIMA, PARITY+, and Closed Loop rate parity across more than fifty venues across America.

Through the use of real-time competitive intelligence, Caesars will benefit from individual properties receiving actionable insights to allow the company to react and respond to market changes in a multitude of states.

This deal has been made in part due to its sophistication and advanced technology that brings features to the operator sites that are unheard of from other products on the market, including modern features and automated market insights for evaluation of operational efficiency.

What’s more, rate parity violations can be easily identified by each property along with detecting revenue leakage, thereby ensuring the staff respond quickly and maintain the right pricing structure at many casino hotels.

Reportedly, RateGain will allow Caesars Entertainment to maintain competitiveness across active markets through decisions relating to educated pricing.

Additionally, pricing efficiency can also be identified and improved to ensure that each of the operators properties are delivering the right price, whilst providing the best possible guest experience.

Pavan Kapur of Caesars Entertainment commented on the news:

RateGain’s innovative products help us maintain competitiveness across all our markets by enabling our teams to make educated pricing decisions.

Chinmai Sharma of RateGain also shared comments on the new partnership:

The team at Caesars has always been a leader in identifying trends in the market and adopting them to provide their guests the best experience across every touchpoint.

Delivering the right price for each property across every channel is a big part of that experience, and we are delighted that Caesars has selected us to help them improve pricing efficiency and margins in the new normal.

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