Kindred Group reduces revenue from harmful gambling to 3.3% in Q1

Kindred Group reduces revenue from harmful gambling to 3.3% in Q1

Global gambling juggernaut, Kindred Group, has today made a big announcement that it has reduced the amount of revenue from harmful gambling to 3.3 percent in the first quarter of 2022.

During this period, the company also increased its focus on intervention measure improvements and optimisation, which contributed to the reduction overall.

Additionally, Kindred Group also revealed that the firm had collaborated an app firm, namely RecoverMe, which is designed to help users manage gambling harms such as addiction.

The company has hailed the positive trend of decreasing revenue in this category, which it says is ‘impacted by seasonal changes’, whereby the first three months of the year are historically lower.

In light of this, the results are that a more sustainable gambling user behaviour is being worked towards by the major gambling operator, which is looking to make manual interventions on customers that are considered ‘high risk’ of gambling harms.

Moreover, the gambling operator is continuing its cautious approach to customers aged between eighteen and twenty-five due to the increased risk of gambling harms, such as addiction, and by focusing on this, has been successful in reducing the percentage of revenue from this age bracket.

Furthermore, instead of putting focus on financial indicators where intervention is concerned, the company included ‘behavioural indicators’ during the quarter, which it said was more aligned with its detection system.

Overall, since the beginning of the year, Kindred Group has shown that it is on track for consistently decreasing its share of revenue from harmful gambling and looks to build on this positive trend in order for customers to enjoy gambling responsibly and in turn show healthier behaviours.

Henrik Tjärnström of the Kindred Group commented on the news and explained more:

We started 2022 with a focus on targeted deliveries. Our team has specifically focused on optimising our manual interventions further, resulting in a higher percentage of customers showing healthier gambling behaviour after they have been detected and contacted by our responsible gambling team.

I am very proud that we have entered the collaboration with the team behind the RecoverMe app, ensuring we can offer this service for free to all our customers in the UK and the US. We are also sponsoring additional PhD programmes on addiction studies, enabling these students to study and work full-time in academia. Our focus right now is to continue to increase efficiency and speed in engaging with detected customers as early intervention is critical in preventing a harmful behaviour.

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