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54 Detained On Charges Of Illegal Gambling In Thailand
54 Detained On Charges Of Illegal Gambling In Thailand

54 Detained On Charges Of Illegal Gambling In Thailand

The Thai authorities have confirmed that they have detained 54 accused on charges of illegal gambling.
Of the 54 detained 24 are Malaysians. The accused were arrested after the police in Betong town raided an empty premises where illegal gambling operations were being carried out.

Talking to the press, Betong District Police chief Colonel Torsak Sarirat said that the illegal gambling premises was located in a rubber plantation. A Malaysian couple is believed to be the mastermind behind the entire gambling operations.

The police Chief confirmed that the Thai authorities arrested 36 men and 18 women playing “Roulette” and “Hi Lo” (dice game).

“The police also seized cash from the gamblers totaling RM24,795 and 97,750 Baht (RM13,209) respectively.

“In addition, the Roulette machine, equipment used for Hi Lo, and various types of chips (used to represent money in gambling) were also confiscated,“ Sarirat said in his brief to the press.

This is the second incident of tis kind in Thailand this month. Earlier this month, Bangkok’s immigration police confirmed the arrest of nine Chinese nationals for their alleged involvement in facilitating illegal online gambling. The accused were found to be making illegal transactions for online gamblers in China and were arrested from two apartments in Bangkok’s Phraram 9.

The suspects earned money in digital currencies as well as their clients for whom the men made online transactions to convert the digital token in Yuan.

The arrested were deported and blacklisted from entering Thailand.

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