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Arkansas Court Rightfully leaves casino decision up to Voters
Arkansas Court Rightfully leaves casino decision up to Voters

Arkansas Court Rightfully leaves casino decision up to Voters

Recently, Arkansas Supreme Court made this decision to uphold democracy and keep a referendum on Gambling Expansion on the November election ballot.

The Main issues due to which this matter was taken to Court was about whether or not Voters should have the right to decide the state’s Fate in terms of Gambling Expansion.

Arkansas anti-gambling community, are mostly consisting of conservative families and religious organisations, keep saying or arguing that Gambling has a bad and Negative effect on the society. They have also claimed that places which are consist of Casinos have higher divorce rates, high bankruptcy rate, more crimes and more people getting addicted to Gambling.

But the communities which are saying this, they don’t have much proof to their points which they have said. They have also filed a pair of lawsuits claiming the things which have been said in the referendum Is Misleading.

The Main aim was to convince voters to mainly say no to the Casino expansion in Arkansas. It was a wise move but that turned out to be a attack on the democracy than the casino gambling.

Keeping the Money at Home: Benefits of Gambling Expansion proponents in Arkansas will benefit in different ways like:

1) Up to 6,000 Jobs.

2) $5.8 billion in GDP growth over the next decade.

3) Close to $40 million a year in state and local tax revenues.

Gambling Expansions are Confident Arkansas will vote to keep the money at Home.

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