⭐Best Online Casinos For 2019⭐
⭐Best Online Casinos For 2019⭐
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Best Australian Online Casinos For 2019

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There is no question that online casinos are very popular in Australia. Players Down Under enjoy pokies as well as table games that can be played with computers or mobile devices. Here is a closer look at some information about the best online casinos for Australian players.

Gambling In Australia

Gambling in physical and online casinos is one of the most popular recreational activities in Australia. It is estimated that as many as 80% of the adults in Australia make some type of bets on a regular basis. This can include casino games, horse-racing, or sports like Australian Rules Football.

Among those 80% who do gamble there is one game that stands out from the rest. This is the pokie, or slot machine. Slots are called pokies in Australia and they are found in every online casino. The best online casinos in Australia will have a hundred or more pokies for players to choose from. About 62% of the money spent each year on gambling in Australia is spent on the pokies.

Gambling in Australia can be traced to the 1800s. It is a great source of revenue for Australia and contributes about 7% of the total revenue for the continent.

About Australian Online Casinos

For many years the only way to gamble in Australia was to play in a live dealer casino or make wagers at a live racetrack. That all changed in 2001 when online casinos were addressed by the Parliament in Australia. An early law prohibited online casino operators from providing games for real money to residents, but today more than A$800 million is spent on online gambling games.

Online gambling in Australia gave many Australians the opportunity to gamble for the very first time. Australia is a very large continent, and there are many people who live in areas where there are no live casinos. With Internet available in even the remote parts of Australia it is now possible to spin the pokies and play blackjack with a computer or a mobile device at the best mobile online casinos.

Australian online casinos have no geographical boundaries. Many of these casinos also welcome players from other countries and continents. There are two distinct types of online casinos that one can find in Australia.

The first of these are online offshore casinos that are based in other countries. These casinos provide online casino games to Australian residents. They do not exclusively restrict their players to Australians. In these online casinos it may be more common to find a balance of table games and slots.

Many of the best online casinos in Australia are also based in Australia. This means that they are licensed to do business and regulated by gaming authorities in Australia. In these types of casinos it might be more common to see more pokies than table games because pokies are what most Australian gamblers prefer.

Popular Australian Gambling Games Found Online

Before we take a closer look at the pokies that can be found in the best online casinos in the land down under, let’s list some of the other gambling games players enjoy. At the top of the list would be live blackjack, perhaps the most popular table game in the casino.

Blackjack has been played in casinos as long as casinos have been around. It was only natural that the game would be adopted by online casinos once they became legal. Right behind blackjack is baccarat, another card game. The game of baccarat is easy to learn and is purely a game of chance which gives everyone an equal chance to win.

Live Roulette and craps are also popular in Australia, and players have a good chance to win money on those games. It is the pokies, however, which always get the most attention when it comes to online gambling.

Australian Casinos And The Best Online Pokies

Pokies, known as slots throughout the rest of the world, attract millions of online gamblers to the casinos. It is hard to pin down a specific reason why the pokies are so popular, but one reason may be that they require no special skill. All a player needs to do is put money in the pokie and spin the reels. The result is either a win or a loss, and sometimes the wins can be huge.

The best online pokies come in several different varieties. You can find older styles or opt to play the modern video machines which have more ways to win. Either one has the potential to pay a large jackpot.

Three-reel pokies are the kind that most people are familiar with. These are the traditional slot machines which feature symbols like cherries and bars. Some have 7s that can be lined up for a big pay. For many years these were the only type of slot machines that one could find in a live casino.

Online casinos helped to redefine pokies and slot machines. Today the old three-reel machines are not as popular as before. They have been replaced by video slots which have 30 lines or more of action. Many of these video pokies also have bonus rounds that let the player have a chance to win more money.

Video pokies at online casinos sometimes have a theme. They may be modeled after a classic television show, a famous movie star, or some symbol associated with Australia. Outback Jack was a very successful pokie at live and online casinos for a time. It featured a hero like Crocodile Dundee, and players won money when the hero completed bonus challenges.

A feature of some pokies is a chance to win a large progressive jackpot. This type of pokie can pay out a life-changing sum of money. Some progressive jackpots have gone as high as six figures or more. In these types of machines the progressive jackpot continues to grow with every spin until someone satisfies the requirements for the jackpot.

At online casinos it is possible to play pokies for as little as $0.01 per line. That works out to about $0.30 per spin when one plays all the lines. That’s a very small investment for the chance to win a lot of money.

Are Gambling Winnings in Australia Taxed?

Some online casino players are always worried about taxes when they win a huge jackpot. This is especially true in the United States. The player might have to pay 20% or more of their winnings in taxes.

Australia is like a wonderland when it comes to taxing gambling winnings. In Australia there are no taxes on online casino winnings. You can play without worrying about how much money will be taken by the government when you make a big score.

The main reason that Australia does not tax gambling winnings is that these winnings are considered to be the result of good luck. Since gambling is not defined as a profession or career in Australia the money earned by the gambler is not income. It is money that has been gained from a recreational activity.

How does Australia manage to do this and still earn revenues from online casinos? The answer is that Australia chooses to tax the casino operators instead of the casino patrons. Online casinos have to pay a portion of their revenues to the government. This money is used for important projects in Australia.

Avoiding the Australian Bookies

In some forms of betting in Australia it is very common to see bettors use bookies. This is generally the case in horseracing and sports betting. Many people don’t like to engage in betting that involves bookies. It can be expensive and the odds vary from bookmaker to bookmaker.

The best way to avoid bookmakers in Australia is to bet at an online casino or sportsbook. Doing that allows you to make wagers with no one in the middle. It is also true that bookies in Australia do not operate their own casinos. You will not find the games provided in an online casino at the local bookmaker’s shop.

Summing Up the Best Online Casinos of Australia

Now you have a better understanding of Australian online casinos. You can choose one of the online casinos recommended here with confidence that you will be treated fairly. The games are all regulated by a gaming authority, and operators must satisfy requirements to get a license to offer an online casino to Australian residents.

One final thing to mention is that many of these online casinos also have mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. You can play anywhere you can take your mobile device.

Don’t forget to check out all of the bonuses that are offered by your favorite online casino. These promotions change often, so check back here to see any new online casinos that might be offering bonus cash. The winnings are waiting for you to claim when you choose to play casino games online for real money. Don’t get left behind when it comes to those Australian pokies.

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