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Beijing’s Favorite Elected Leader In Macau

Beijing's Favorite Elected Leader In Macau
Beijing's Favorite Elected Leader In Macau

Macau legislature elected Beijing-backed Ho Iat Sang as its leader. Ho has been China’s representative in Macau and his victory is strategically important for China to keep its effective control over Macau especially amidst ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

Ho Iat Sang got an overwhelming landslide majority with 392 votes in favor from a 400 member committee. The elected leader will now be leading the Chinese territory and the World’s largest gambling hub for the next five years. He is the lone member of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s Parliament, from Macau.

Macau is an example of successful implementation of its “one country, two systems” policy. The same policy applies to Hong Kong. However, the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong are intensifying and have also taken a toll on the gambling revenue in Macau.

Responding to the current situation and protests in Hong Kong, prior to the elections Mr. Ho had said that “Many people expressed they do not want to mess up Macau.”

With over 600,000 immigrants from mainland China in erstwhile Portuguese Territory Macau, the pro-mainland China sentiments are higher in a significant percentage.

The recent election is important for the gambling industry as policies related to the extension of gambling license and other plans related to casinos, are all jointly set by the Macau legislative head mainland officials.

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