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Why Use AstroPay?

AstroPay operates out of the United Kingdom, and processes all of its payments through Latin America. Many people tend to think of AstroPay as a payment method, but, in fact, it’s actually a way to assist customers in certain areas of Latin America.

More About AstroPay

A large amount of payment methods are difficult to use out of territories within Latin America. This goes beyond inconvenience; Latin American residents may end up losing their money completely due to the fact that they face a much higher risk of fraud and geographical issues when compared to other territories. AstroPay aims to aid Latin America, which is home to a multitude of rapidly-growing markets, in its journey towards a reliable economic structure.

The AstroPay Card

An easy way for customers to use AstroPay directly is with one of its specialized cards. The reason that some people prefer to use one of these virtual cards is thanks to its security. A prepaid virtual card works the same as a physical one; no personal information has to be shared with a merchant when using an AstroPay card. Since Latin America is plagued with identity theft and similar fraud crimes, anonymity is more vital for AstroPay customers than many other people. An AstroPay card promotes customers to use their money without fear of having their information stolen.

This is one company that doesn’t leave customers unsupported when they need help. There is a constant customer service number which communicates in the most popular languages across Latin America. Some banks and popular credit cards don’t have an expansive customer service team that is trained in Latin American languages. If there’s a problem with a card, then Latin American customers can always get the help they need.

Why AstroPay Helps

While many payment methods force users to pay initial fees and require a complicated registration process, it’s easy to get started with AstroPay. Customers can make transactions with their bank or in selected stores. Processing times for payments are instantaneous, which is a boon for residents of countries who often deal with long delays. Several major payment methods recognize AstroPay, and the business is overseen by highly regarded compliance bodies.

AstroPay is also geared specifically for the Latin American market. This means that AstroPay operates in many Latin American countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and more. They also focus their customer service on English, Spanish, and Portuguese. All of these facts combined, along with the overall knowledge that AstroPay is a secure way to make payments, means that it is widely popular across Latin American markets.

Casinos and AstroPay

When it comes to gaming and online casinos, AstroPay is a popular way for Latin American players to pay for credits. This is one of the few payment forms which is exclusive to Latin America. A specificity of this level never fails to attract customers who appreciate the simplicity and safety of this payment solution. Customers will always be ready to play knowing that their payments are anonymous and won’t be rejected based on their geo location.