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Craps is an incredibly popular game in many casinos. This exciting game that is played using dice is loved for a variety of reasons. Some like the endless possibilities for winning that come with this game. Unlike most other gambling games, craps offer players a multitude of betting options, which translates to enormous flexibility and a higher likelihood of making money. For others, it is the spirit of comradeship fostered during a crap game that makes it such a great game.

In this article, we will be looking at the basics of playing a craps game, the reasons why you should start playing the game if you haven’t already, and how to choose the best craps casinos.

Let’s dive right in.

Craps – the Basics

Some people shy away from playing craps because it seems to be too complicated. Sure, the heavily-marked table may appear intimidating, and you may not fully understand why people hate it when you say seven near a craps table, but the game is not as complicated as you imagine.

Craps is a game of pure randomness; there’s little you can do to control the outcome. You roll the dice, and depending on the outcome, you either win or lose.

The game starts with a player, known as a shooter, rolls the dice. This is called the come-out roll. The goal of this roll is to get any other number except a 2,3,7 or 12. Once you get the number, it becomes your point value. Your goal after that is to roll the dice until you hit the point value again. As long as you don’t get a seven before you get your first number, you are good to go. If you do hit a seven, you “crap out,” which is to say that your turn with the dice is over. You will then let another shooter take your place.

To illustrate, let’s say you get a five on your come-out roll. Your goal after this is to hit another five as soon as possible. If, however, on your next roll, you hit an 8, some bets will be paid out, and you continue to roll until you hit a 5. If you hit seven before 5, your turn is over, and the game starts afresh.

Now that you understand the basics of playing craps, what you should know next are the bets. The game has numerous bets, but you don’t have to understand how they all work before you can play. However, it pays to grasp how a few basic bets work so you can start from a position of advantage. The three basic bets in craps are the pass line, the don’t pass line, and the odds bet.

The pass line bet is rather straightforward. Whether you win or lose with this bet depends on the shooter. If the come-out roll hits a 7 or 11, you will be paid out at a 1:1 ratio. This means that if you had bet with $10, you will win another $10. If the first roll gets a 2,3 or 12, you lose your bet. If the shooter gets the point value, you win when they strike that value again. If they crap out, your bet is lost.

The don’t pass line is pretty much the opposite of the pass line bet. Here, you are betting against the shooter, and generally the rest of the table too. If they strike out, you win. Expect some unfriendliness from most people at the table if you take this stance.

With the odds bet, you place an extra wager using the same predictions as the pass line. You win if the shooter wins, and you lose if they lose, but the house has no edge on your extra money.

Why Play Craps at a Casino?

1. Excitement

Craps is one of the most exciting casino games. It moves fast, and there is no telling how the dice will land. Sure, most players hold superstitions about the game, and others perform lengthy rituals before they roll the dice, but this is a game of pure chance, and that is what makes it so exhilarating.

Additionally, the game is one of the friendliest casino games. While in most gambling tables, people sit in stony silence wishing nothing but the worst for their opponents, the players at a craps table are usually rooting for each other, and this breeds a spirit of comradeship that adds to the fun immensely. In most cases, when the shooter wins, most other players win too, and the cheers and celebration that follow a win are simply amazing.

2. Numerous Options

Another reason why craps are massively popular is the many options that players have when it comes to placing bets. In addition to the pass line bet, the don’t pass line bet and the odds bets, there are other bets like the come bet, the don’t come bet, the next roll prop bet, the hard ways bet and the field bet. Each of these provides players with a lot of options, which amounts to more chances of increasing winnings.

3. No House Edge Bets

As any gambler will tell you, in any game, the house always comes out ahead. This is a fact that many players detest, which is why any game with minimal house edge is so popular. With craps, the odds bet is a no-house edge bet, which means that you keep all your winnings, without sharing a single cent with the house.

How to Choose the Best Craps Casino?

Now that you know what a game of craps entails, what remains is for you to choose the best casino at which to play. Here are a few factors you should consider before you settle on a casino:

1. Welcome Bonus

Many casinos offer new players a bonus on their first game. You want to choose a casino that gives you a head start for your first game, since you may be nervous and unsure about the game. Some online casinos offer you a monetary bonus, while others may provide you with an extra chance to shoot if you strike out.

2. Other Promotions

The best craps casinos offer players some services and products for free, depending on how much they spend at a casino. Some may provide you with complimentary drinks as you play, while others may allow you to spend the night at a hotel for free.

3. Responsible Gambling

Another factor that sets the best craps casinos apart from the rest is their efforts to promote responsible gambling. Some offer players a chance to self-exclude before they can return to the table, while others put a limit on how much you can spend at a time. This is good to ensure that players make the right decisions even when there is mounting pressure not to.


Overall, craps is a fun game that allows players numerous opportunities to win. It might appear complex at first, but you will get the hang of it after a few rounds. However, you want to choose the best casino to play the game so that you can have a pleasant experience. The best casinos typically offer a welcome bonus, some promotions, a fun and social atmosphere in addition to promoting responsible gambling. If you find such a craps casino, by all means, stick to it. You will not regret it.

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