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High limit online casinos

When looking for an online casino, an excellent choice for some people is a high limit online casino. You may be familiar with some of the high limit casinos available online. However, many of these high limit online casinos do not carry the mainstream brand name most individuals expect.

This fact is true because these types of casinos do not attract the average player in the gambling world. The players at the best high limit online casinos are typically not looking for penny slots, free games, and no deposit plays.

The ordinary player would lack knowledge of the best online casinos with high limits because these types of casinos were designed for the ultimate elite of the online gambling world. This article will provide you with all of the necessary information to begin a trek into this world.

High rollers

The best high roller online casinos with high limits caters to the high roller. This term definitely has a sliding scale associated with it. Typically, high rollers are divided into three categories. These categories include players, premium players, and whales. Each of these terms has an amount of gradation between them.


When a person buys into games for $10,000 or more at a high stakes casino, he or she is typically known as a player. This level is the lowest point of the high roller scale. He or she will get cash back, comps, and VIP status. However, this player is nowhere near the most significant player in the casino.

Premium players

The next level of players is called premium players. Most high limit casinos consider any individual who has between $100,000 and $250,000 in his or her account a premium player. These players may bet between $5,000 and $10,000 on a single wager.

This fact means these premium players may make a single bet more substantial than the player’s entire stake. However, these players will also place smaller bets when they are not having any luck. They will adjust their betting patterns based on chance because $10,000 loses can add up very quickly.


The best licensed high limit online casino wants to attract the whale. The whale gambler is the crème de la crème of players. This category of players puts the premium player to shame. The online casino understands that this player has the most to spend, and they treat the whale as such.

When the whale begins a session of betting, he or she can spend over $1,000,000 before they finish. This type of player typically bets up to $100,000 per roll, deal, or spin. Most online and live dealer online casinos will offer a variety of compensations, cashback plans, or VIP status to these mega-wealthy whales to keep them coming back.

This category of players is scarce, with only approximately 250 to 500 whales in the world. This rarity comes from the fact that they must have a billionaire net worth to be able to chance a million dollars on gambling bets.

An online casino sometimes will grant a whale a credit line of 10 to 25 million. This amount of money is hardly ever actually spent in most online casinos. A whale will typically visit a brick-and-mortar establishment in Macao, Las Vegas, or Monte Carlo. However, he or she still may visit his or her favorite online high limit casino in-between visits to a casino.

If a whale is playing at a high dollar online casino, he or she typically bets between $3,000 to $5,000 because online transactions are subjected to a variety of constraints and Internet gaming laws. These laws put a cap on the spending limit and hamper the gambling habits of the whale.

A session of online gambling can be an excellent pastime for some whales, so they are likely to bet the limit. Even with only betting the ceiling, this category of gamblers may wager tens of thousands of dollars each month while racking up platinum and VIP points. Before a whale can gamble online, he or she must find the best online high limit casino.


When a person’s bankroll grows, the individual may want to change to a high dollar stake online casino. If a person is new to the game, it can be hard finding the best online high stake casino. Some people just search the internet for high limit sites. However, it is best to find a trusted online casino.

One place to find a high roller casino is by browsing the list of casino sites powered by Realtime Gaming Software (RTG). This software allows the player to find an online casino that offers the biggest bonuses. Most RTG casinos also enable American gamblers to place real money bets.

Another way to find an excellent high dollar online casino is by asking other people. In the gambling world, you can find blogs and discussion boards to help guide you to the perfect online casino. These areas can also provide a variety of strategies and tips to the new high stakes gambler.

When researching to find the best high limit site, another excellent idea is to look for those with the best benefits. These benefits can include items such as comps, bonuses, and VIP membership. The individual needs to read the fine print of any bonus or VIP membership to ensure the best benefit.

Welcome bonuses

Casinos with the biggest deposit bonuses are the best for a high limit player. One of the simple reasons for this fact is that high rollers can take full advantage of the top-dollar welcome bonus. Many online casinos require over $25,000 deposit to take advantage of a full bonus offer.

This amount of money would be considered a down payment on a vehicle or house instead of a deposit in a high stake casino account. Most individuals might believe that high rollers are not concerned with welcome bonuses, but this statement is not valid.

To be a successful man or woman, a person must have a certain degree of frugality when it comes to spending money. This frugality allows them to gamble on another level while still maintaining a firm grasp on their finances.

Welcome bonuses allow the high roller to save money while enjoying the rush of an upper limit game. While it is true that the whale gambler is a totally different breed than a non-gambler, he or she still wants the best value for his or her money. High stakes online casinos are smart to offer a massive initial deposit bonus to attract this type of client.

High limit slots

A variety of casino games are available at a high stakes online casino, but upper limit slots are one of the most popular. This type of slot game allows the player to gamble for higher stakes. These slot machines are offered in the same varieties as regular slot machines.

The games offered include a progressive jackpot, bonus, video, classic, and an assortment of others. A high roller is capable of wagering hundreds of dollars on each spin of the slot machine. With the bigger wagers, the payouts are also increased from the regular slots.

High limit progressive jackpot slots can offer some of the most substantial returns. Various designs and styles of slots are offered at most online casinos. When choosing a particular slot machine, a person should investigate the pay lines, denominations, and any other special features before playing.

With information, a high roller can determine if the slot machine will meet his or her needs and provide the required gaming opportunities. It is also wise to read all of the rules and regulations associated with a particular slot game. Understanding the rules will help the individual to have a clear understanding of what the game offers and the features available.


The first choice a player makes at a casino is which denomination to play. With a dose of knowledge, this question is easy to answer. A person should understand that the payout percentage increases as the denomination increases.

A person can make a reasonable estimate of the amount of money he or she will lose using a particular denomination. The average slot player can make up to approximately 600 bets each hour. The maximum house edge on a slot machine in Las Vegas is 25%.

With this information, a person knows that he or she can lose up to 25% of each wager. So if a person were making $25 bets, he or she would multiply 600 times $25 time .25 to determine the loss. In this case, it around $3750 every hour. A better payout percentage will obviously provide better rewards.


Many players wonder why they should spend any time on the high limit slot games. When asked, each high roller may have a variety of different reasons. However, one of the common answers would be when a person places a big bet; he or she stands a higher chance of winning bigger.

Progressive jackpots are another reason some high rollers decide to place large bets. Every time you bet these types of prizes continue to grow until someone wins it. With high limit games, these progressive jackpots can become extremely large in a small amount of time.

Hopefully, this article has provided enough information needed to enjoy a visit to a casino with high limits. A player should always consider the fact that casinos like high rollers and want them to continue to return.

This fact means that high limit slots need to have a more significant payout percentage to keep these high rollers coming back to the most popular online casinos. However, the casino is in the business of making money and requires a person to look at the games realistically. The end goal is to leave the house in better standing.