🌟 Best High Roller Casinos 🌟

Online CasinoDeposit BonusRating 
slotsroom.jpg200% Up To $10000 + 200FS
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raging-bull-casino-logo.jpg360% Up To Unlimited + 50FS
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royal-ace-casino-logo.jpg400% Up To $/€4000
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cherryjackpot.jpg200% Up To $20000
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roaring21.jpg200% Up To $10000
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casinomax.jpg325% Up To $9750 + 200FS
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planet-7-casino-logo.jpg$/€4000 Match + 20FS To Hit Jackpot
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cyberspins-casino-logo.jpg250% Up To $/€1250 + 200FS
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What is a high roller online casino?

According to the latest statistics, approximately 80 percent of all high rollers are Asian. The best high roller online casinos cater to players from every background, country and industry. High rollers enjoy playing a lot of different casino games, but the number one choices include poker, craps, blackjack, roulette and slot games for hundreds to thousands for every spin of the reels. Due to the large amounts of money exchanging hands, online casinos do everything possible to make high rollers feel comfortable, appreciated and entertained.

Online casinos provide high rollers with exceptional, services, bonuses, prizes and benefits. High rollers are often referred to as VIP players or whales. There are specific online casinos known for providing high rollers with high stakes gambling as well as the best promotions available in the industry. These online casinos offer enormous prizes for VIP tournaments, personal account managers and exceptional gifts. All of the high roller online casinos have something unique and special to offer these players.

The reasons high rollers prefer the benefits of online casinos

The main reason is the nearly endless list of benefits high rollers receive at online casinos. The high roller can enjoy their favorite casinos and games without having to leave the comfort and privacy of their homes. They can play using a desktop computer, tablet or favorite mobile device. High roller casinos attract more of these players due to the wide selection of games where high bets are accepted. Due to the larger amount of the payouts, these casinos only employ top quality online operators to ensure the players are taken care of properly with the best possible service.

High rollers frequently visiting these casinos are offered sensational benefits such as incredibly large welcome bonuses, personalized bonuses, no deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and cash bonuses. These players are not usually charged for entrance into the exclusive VIP tournaments, receive invitations for special events and cruises, personalized gifts and appreciation for their patronage. The best high roller casino will have specific characteristics to earn the trust of these special players including incredible loyalty rewards and exceptional service.

These casinos are both licensed and regulated by authorities known to enforce cutting edge security. The operational standards of these casinos are beyond question. The high rollers keep coming back, both the casinos and players reap the rewards and the cycle continues.

The favorite online casino games of high rollers

The best high roller casinos provide the players with their favorite games. These players want the opportunity to win potentially enormous jackpots. The slot games for high rollers offer spins from $20 to $5,000. The classic table games such as baccarat and roulette offer stakes generally between $1,000 and $200,000. Some players enjoy spending hours in new online casinos, while others appear for the short term.

Card games including baccarat and blackjack provide different types of double up. The intricacies of roulette are enjoyed by high rollers. Roulette enables the players to increase their bets as opposed to a double up. Bets can be increased from $100 to $1,000. Even if the high roller only breaks even or makes a small profit, they enjoy the excitement, challenge and potential wins offered by roulette.

Vip tables for high rollers

The best high roller online casino has live dealers well aware of how much money is on the line. These dealers provide high rollers with the best possible casino experience. This is especially true when the high rollers are playing at any of the VIP tables reserved by the casino specifically for VIP players. These live dealer rooms are exceptional, unique rooms where players are aware the casino is taking additional steps to ensure they are satisfied. The high stakes provided by the players are the price of admission. The players know they will be treated like kings and queens.

High roller lightning roulette

The best high roller casinos offer Lightning Roulette. Although this game is most likely unfamiliar to casual and more traditional players, high rollers are already extremely familiar with this game. The basics of Lightning Roulette are similar to traditional roulette games. The difference is the extraordinary bells and whistles piquing the interest of high limit players. Evolution Gaming is the well-known software provider responsible for the development and release of the game. Lightning Roulette changed the game of roulette due to the thrill of the game play and phenomenal aesthetics.

Lightning Roulette is one of the most popular games for high rollers. There are numerous reasons the game has become a hit with high stakes players. The basis of the game is the traditional roulette wheel. Only the most experienced croupiers handle the wheel for the HD live stream version. When the game begins, high rollers start with the traditional roulette betting lineup. This is where the bells and whistles begin. In addition to the standard lineup, the players have the option to place bets on their lucky numbers as well as the numbers already selected.

The addition of the lucky numbers adds to the potential strategies, excitement and possibilities of roulette. No numbers including lucky numbers can be predicted by the players because they are dependent on the Random Number Generator (RNG). If the winning bet is the high roller’s chosen number, and the lucky numbers are a match, a tremendous multiplier is triggered and added to the wager. The multiplier is between 50x and 500x. This adds the excitement of the high roller potentially winning a massive bet. This is the reason Lightning Roulette is a favorite among high rollers.

The exclusive promotions and offers of the best high roller online casinos

The best high roller casino believes these players should have the ability to win massive jackpots. Online casinos also provide exceptional rewards. The rewards are meant to entice the high rollers to return frequently and make large deposits. A percentage bonus is earned on deposits through reload bonuses. This is ideal for high rollers interested in playing their favorite game at higher stakes. Any cash lost receives a cashback bonus. The most trusted online casinos do not require a deposit to earn a cashback bonus. The bonus is calculated depending on the money lost by the player.

When a high roller is experiencing an unlucky streak, they are provided with a second chance to recoup their losses. There is a lot of competition among high roller online casinos to attract new high rollers. The casino strategies include free spin bonuses, welcome packages offering multiple bonus offers, no deposit free cash and exceptional percentage welcome bonuses. The most highly sought players by online casinos are the high rollers. This is the reason online casinos offer exclusive and premier welcome bonuses.

The welcome bonuses created for high rollers are customized to attract players accustomed to taking bigger risks. In most instances, a bonus with an extremely high value is offered by the offshore online casino. The majority of online casinos provide high rollers with plenty of extra bonuses and money. An initial deposit is often rewarded with bonuses for an extremely generous value. The welcome bonuses for high rollers are reserved for players making significant deposits. The basis is generally a predetermined amount of free bonus funds or up to a 300 percent percentage bonus.

The loyalty point system

Typical players are rewarded by online casinos using a loyalty point system. This is how the players are rewarded for enjoying the casino games on a regular basis. High rollers either receive a welcome into the VIP club in a short period of time or immediately. This provides them with an accumulation of higher loyalty point conversion rates traded for a wide range of bonuses. High rollers are provided with hosts to ensure they remain aware of all exclusive bonuses. Only selected VIP players qualify for these bonuses.

High rollers are provided with excellent guidance regarding deposits, withdrawals and wagering requirements. These players are able to receive direct contact from the online casinos due to newer technology such as Skype. High rollers are offered exclusive tournaments to enable them to compete against similar types of players. The potential rewards are the potential to win a share of the enormous prize pools. Exclusive and private table games are restricted specifically for these players. The benefit is the ability to make bets with substantial amounts of cash.

The best software providers in the industry have created numerous games specifically for high rollers including slots, poker and table games. According to the latest statistics, more high rollers have started frequenting a high roller online casino since live-dealer games were introduced. All of these games are run by professional and experienced croupiers. Players from all over the world compete while enjoying the excitement of gambling in an incredibly authentic online casino environment. Live VIP poker tables, live blackjack, baccarat and roulette have been created for high rollers accustomed to taking higher risks. All of these games are available 24/7.

The sensational benefits high rollers receive at online casinos

The high roller casino has perfected the art of ensuring the requirements of players making large bets are fulfilled beautifully. High rollers are provided with exclusive entrance into tournaments, personalized service, plenty of attention and amazing bonuses. High rollers come into contact with the other VIPs on a regular basis during special sporting events and cruises. Online casinos do everything possible to satisfy high rollers with a wide range of bonuses. The best online high roller casino understands the importance of both referrals and potential revenue.

Competent and well-trained hosts are dedicated to ensuring all of the needs of the VIPs are being met. Online casinos employ hosts capable of indulging and pampering the high rollers to provide superior service. When the average person pictures a high roller, they usually imagine a man in a crisp tuxedo holding a martini while playing craps in Monte Carlo. Although this may have been true in the past, a large number of high rollers regularly meet in online casinos in the private and exclusive VIP rooms. According to the movies, high rollers are generally found playing poker games or blackjack with gorgeous companions.

Perks at high roller online casinos

Online casinos offer a wide variety of benefits to high rollers. This includes:

Exclusive VIP Games: To show high rollers the online casino appreciates their business, access is usually granted to games closed for the more traditional players. In some instances, these are games that have just been released. This enables the high rollers to experience these games first. Sometimes, the games are simply a high stake version of classic table games such as craps or roulette.

The Personal High Roller Host: Online casinos provide every single high roller with a personal and dedicated host from the casino. The host is available to the player every day and night of the year. The host helps resolve any issue the high roller has experienced and answers all of their questions. The host is also able to make arrangements for any luxury services required such as providing airplane tickets, making hotel arrangements or hiring a limousine.

Invitations for Special Events: Online casinos purchase corporate tickets in bulk for high rollers. This includes theater shows, sporting games and the best music performances. The tickets are then given to members of the online VIP casino lounge as a special incentive.

Unlimited High Roller Deposits and Withdrawals: The traditional online casino player is unable to make significantly large deposits or withdrawals. The same is not true for high rollers. The dedicated hosts help these players determine the best way to make a deposit or withdrawal. This often saves the player on fees.