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Online casinos in Italy have become rather popular in recent years. Although gambling has not been made legal, many exceptions have been written into the law. Therefore, nowadays, you can play many games of chance without having to worry about being a lawbreaker. If you’re interested in playing at some of the best casinos in the land, then we’ve got quite the collection for you to peruse. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a thousand options.

Is gambling illegal or legal in Italy?

Above all, it’s important to determine whether gambling is legal. Otherwise, you might risk something you otherwise wouldn’t. While looking at the law isn’t all that clear, recent changes have made things more evident.

According to the law, gambling is illegal:
In Italian law, it states that gambling is not legal. However, since the law is written in a particular manner, it’s not that straightforward. Depending on how operations are run, games of chance could be legal.

However, games of chance are legal:
With such peculiarities, it’s no surprise that people are confused. For example, let’s say you would like to place a bet on a sports game. If that happened to be the case, then you could do so without any worries. Since it is considered to be a game of chance, you don’t have to risk anything to partake.

Since 2006, many markets have been opened:
Most of these changes are relatively recent. Before 2006, many of these games would have still been illegal. Nevertheless, today, things are much different. As a result of these laws, people can access many games they wouldn’t have been able to in the past.

Online casino guide for Italian players

So, with the law being so peculiar, how can you tell if a casino is legitimate? Well, we’ve got a foolproof process. By following the steps below, you’ll always find legitimate casinos. That way, when it is time to parlay, nothing can come in your way. Then, you will become the master of the table.

They must have a license:
First and foremost, any institution operating without a license should be avoided. Since they do not have a license, they must not be operating legally. To operate legally, all casinos must register with the federal government. Otherwise, they are operating beneath the table.

Today, there are tons of options:
Thankfully, the number of legitimate options has become rather prolific. A few years ago, it was quite a challenge to find legitimate options. However, today, it’s not all that difficult.

However, you’ll want to check out reviews before you use them:
With so many options available, it’s hard to sift through them all. If you want to gamble, you should spend your money at the best places. Therefore, we suggest using reviews to guide your decisions. That way, you’ll make informed opinions without having to spend much time researching.

Best Italian online casinos

To rank casinos, we use a specific formula. This way, we won’t risk judging them unfairly. Without a uniform guide, it would be easy to give subjective rankings. Still, with the factors below, we compare every casino similarly. Thus, you can rely on regular reviews. Plus, they will all be useful since they use the same formula.

Game quality:
Above all, to us, the quality of the games would be the most important aspect. Without those, it doesn’t make much sense to go to a casino. Still, tons of casinos crop up without many quality games to offer. In those circumstances, we must assign them a poor ranking. However, when they have great options, we award them accordingly.

Size of their bonuses:
How often do you hit bonuses at the casino? If it seems as if it happens fairly regularly, then the casino would receive a decent rating. Nevertheless, when the bonuses seem unattainable, the casino will perform poorly.

Incentives for new players:
When you first sign up, what kind of bonuses do they have to offer you? Depending on their selection, we will assign them a suitable score. Of course, as the quality of bonuses increases, so will the corresponding score.

How do they treat returning customers:
Often, casinos offer a ton of incentives for new players. Yet, when it comes to their existing customers, the lands seem much more barren. In comparison, you’ll find most casinos offer bonuses to new customers far more frequently. However, at the best casinos, returning customers will also get to enjoy the rewards.

Variety of games:
For the most part, good game variety ensures that you don’t get bored. Once you become tired of one game, you can go and play a different one. That way, nothing will get tiresome throughout the night. However, not every casino has a massive selection. Thus, we must give them a reduced rating in those circumstances. The greater their selection, the better they will score.

Live casino options:
Nowadays, life gambling is among the most popular innovations. As of the moment, not every place has options for this. However, when they offer them, it’s worth checking them out certainly. In the future, we believe most casinos will use these forms of gameplay. At the moment, it’s simply a nice touch.

Ease of use:
For first-time players, how difficult is it to use their system? If it’s overly complicated, then they should receive a bad rating. Since not everyone who goes online is an expert with computers, simplicity is key. Unless things are easy to use, newcomers want to join. Plus, there are plenty of other options with much more user-friendly designs.

Payment systems:
How difficult is it for people to deposit their money? That said, how difficult is it for them and to withdraw their winnings? As long as it’s easy for them to do both, then casinos won’t have to worry about their scores in this category. Still, if things are needlessly complex, then they might see some reductions. The easier it is for people to use, the better they will score in this category.

Italian slangs for gambling

In Italy, you can find the origins of most gambling terms. In fact, it seems as if the word for the casino is of Italian origin itself. Therefore, many of the words we use at casinos today are from the land of Italy originally.

This term became popular around the time of the Renaissance. During that era, people began to attend gambling houses. To refer to those places, this word was what people used. Today, Italians continue to use it to refer to modern casinos.

This word is used to refer to games of chance. In the past, it referred to a particular game. However, in the modern era, it’s taken on a more general connotation. Therefore, you can use it to broadly refer to most gambling activities.

The word casino is of Italian origin:
After all, since the word came from Italy, most gambling terminology is also of Italian origin. Therefore, pretty much anything you here in a casino can be traced back to that country. It’s an interesting fact of history that things have played out this way.

Popular Italian gambling banking options

Besides, how great of a casino is it when there are not many payment options? Unless you can easily transfer money, it’s difficult to describe the casino as being very user-friendly. Thankfully, the following payment methods are all commonly supported. As long as you use one of them, transferring funds shouldn’t be all that difficult.

  • Credit or Debit Cards: These are among the most common forms of payment. Generally speaking, most major payment processors are supported. Thus, as long as you have a bank card, you shouldn’t have that hard of a time.
  • Paypal: This is another popular option. Since you can link it with your bank account, you can use it to transfer funds directly from there. That way, you won’t have to worry about processing times. Instead, things are more or less instantaneous.
  • Skrill: In Europe, this is a popular payment processor. By using it, you can transfer funds with these. Plus, it tends to be much faster than some of its competitors.
  • Crypto: This is the newest payment method to hit the scene. It uses a different currency than the other methods on this list. However, if you happen to own some crypto, you can use this to fund your account.

Who regulates gambling in Italy?

Over in Italy, the federal government is in charge of much of the country’s legislation. As a result, according to those laws, a specific government agency regulates gambling.

Autonomous administration of state monopolies:
This is the agency responsible for gambling regulations in Italy. Anything that happens in the industry is a result of their activities. Today, they are focused on liberalizing markets.