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Dutch online casinos are going to be available very soon. As a consequence of recent legislation, licenses have been legalized. Thus, beginning March 2021, companies that wish to obtain one can do so.

While gambling hasn’t been illegal for the players, it hasn’t been legal for businesses to offer services from the Netherlands.

Now, the whole landscape has changed. Within a short time, you’ll be gambling as much as you would like. Without any prohibitions, the future is limitless.

Is gambling legal or illegal in Netherlands?

As of the moment, things are in a bit of a gray area. Until recently, the law stated that businesses could not offer services such as these. However, during that same time, players can still attend online casinos from outside of the borders.

Still, without any regulations, they were at the mercy of the casinos. Thankfully, with this recent legislation, new protections will be put in place. Plus, businesses can begin to open their doors in a new sector of the economy.

Beginning in March 2021, licenses will be available for casinos:
At the beginning of the month, companies can register for their licenses. Once they’ve obtained them, then they can begin to open up shop. At both in-person stores and online, businesses will begin gambling operations.

At that point, they will be regulated by the gambling authority:
To obtain the license, they must work with the gambling authority. This institution has been created by the government of the Netherlands. It was created to help regulate the gambling sector. That way, protections can be put in place to serve both the businesses and their customers. Otherwise, lawlessness would proliferate. Thankfully, things don’t have to be like that.

From then on, you can legally gamble at casinos based in the Netherlands:
Until they have registered, businesses cannot offer gambling services from within the Netherlands. Once they register and obtain the license, they can begin to offer such things.

Online casino guide for Netherlands players

Even though there will be regulations, that doesn’t guarantee each of the businesses will be of great quality. In fact, if the past is anything to judge, then it would indicate there will be many mediocre entries. Still, by following the guide below, you’ll avoid any unwanted headaches. Instead of sifting through a ton of mediocrity, you can skip straight to the cream of the crop. In this manner, you’ll enhance the overall experience by quite a lot.

Above all, check their registration to verify its validity:
Above all, before you do anything else, take a look at the casino’s license. Usually, you’ll find them somewhere on the website. Most of the time, it should be in a fairly conspicuous location. Otherwise, that would be the first red flag you found.

Once you’ve done that, view their games to determine how many are available:
Upon reviewing the registration, you will have a better idea of how reputable the institution is. Afterward, it’s time to look at all the games they have in stock. Depending on their variety, you may want to try your luck elsewhere. If that’s the case, then have no worry. However, if the games suffice, then payment options are the next thing to inspect.

Afterward, examine the available payment methods:
While inspecting the payment options, ensure they have some that are available to you. Unless they have something easily accessible, then you may as well push them out of your mind. If they don’t have easy deposit options, you’ll struggle just to play the first game. As long as they have something sufficient, then it might be worthwhile.

Best Netherlands online casinos

Of course, with so many new businesses entering the industry, we must develop some method to analyze each of them. In this way, we can avoid wasting our time. Instead of spending money at unfortunate places, you will go straight to the best of the best. That way, once we are done, we are sure to have a great experience.

By following along in our footsteps, you can emulate what we have done. Thus, the following factors should serve as a good rubric. Each of them will impact the overall experience in their own way. Only together will they produce the end result.

A wide variety of engaging games:
On some occasions, you’ll discover casinos with massive libraries. Although the options are endless, those games might not be very fun. In those instances, you will be just as disappointed as you would have been if they had hardly any games at all. On the other side, with only a few games, casinos struggled to differentiate themselves.

Live casino Netherlands options?:
Perhaps, you’d enjoy spending some time socializing with other people. If you are in those shoes, then you should try out one of these options. With this technology, you can place wagers in real-time with other people from around the world.

Huge prizes that payout regularly:
How much would you like to win if you hit the jackpot? With that in mind, review all the prizes offered by each casino. Unless they have something in a suitable range, you may want to try your luck somewhere with better bonuses. To us, a little time spent searching is more than worth the effort. As long as we find what we are looking for, how much can we complain?

Easy websites that are intuitive to use:
Usually, modern websites are easy to navigate. Therefore, you’ll rarely see huge variations in this category. Still, on some unfortunate occasions, casinos have archaic sites. If that’s the case, then we will make a note of it here. That way, you won’t have to go through such an excruciating experience yourself.

Enough payment options for everyone to find something suitable:
Of course, even though some payment options are suitable, not all of them will be. For some people, only certain options will suffice. Therefore, when casinos have plenty of options, they make it easy for people to join. Otherwise, it could be a potential barrier to entry.

Dutch slang for gambling

To us, the sound of slang is among our favorite parts of the gambling experience. In different cultures, you’ll hear different sounds. Regardless, the energy is identical. Furthermore, it helps to blend in when you can chime in.

Would you like to place a larger bat? If so, then under this work. Undoubtedly, the dealer will understand you as long as you are in the Netherlands. Plus, they will probably appreciate the acknowledgment of their culture.

Let’s say you saw someone make a huge bet. If that happens, then you can shout this. They will understand you are encouraging them.

To talk about something in the past, you can use this word instead. It means something similar to those words listed above. However, it’s in the past tense.

Popular Netherlands gambling banking options

So many payment options are available today it can be mind-boggling. However, in some circumstances, many of them will be unavailable. When that happens, you should check out a few of the following. Generally, at least one of them will work for you.

This is a rather broad category. There are many different companies that offer such services. Most casinos will accept transfers from these wallets. Plus, it tends to process rather rapidly.

For the longest time, this service has gone under the radar. However, in recent years, they have truly grown into themselves. Now, they are among the most popular payment methods for European casinos. When you need a transaction to process fast, you can rely on them. They will rarely disappoint.

Based out of Germany, this company has a strong foundation. With connections to the financial industry, you’ll never have to worry about whether the payment will process. Ultimately, it is among the most reliable methods you can use.

Credit and debit cards:
On some occasions, nothing is more convenient than your banking card. With one of them in your wallet, access to your funds is never that far away. Plus, today, many casinos are beginning to accept deposits from these.

Who regulates gambling in Netherlands?

Since the laws have only changed recently, not everyone knows who is responsible for the regulations. However, it’s not all that confusing once you figured it out. Once the changes take effect, there will be a single institution responsible for all the regulations.

In the Netherlands, the gaming authority is responsible for most regulations:
This will be the governing organization for all gambling activities. In the Netherlands, they will take charge of the whole sector. For all purposes, you’ll have to go through them. Otherwise, you would be skirting the law. Nevertheless, it seems as if they are rather business-friendly. Therefore, you may not have much to worry about regarding them.