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Throughout the United Kingdom, people love to gamble. For centuries, gambling has been a major part of their culture. Today, the industry is just as popular as ever. Still, as a result of legislation in 2005, there have been some significant changes.

Now, more people are playing online than ever before. However, with so many options available, finding a great online casino requires some research. For that reason, we’ve done the legwork for you.

Is gambling legal or illegal in UK?

After all, gambling has been legal in the United Kingdom for years. Yet, legislation continues to regulate the industry. This has left many players questioning whether the online play is legal.

The gambling act of 2005:
In 2005, Parliament passed a piece of legislation called the gambling act. Consequently, new regulations have been placed on the gambling industry within the country. Thus, it’s possible for people to play online without any trouble.

Gambling has been popular for centuries:
For years, gamblers have loved the UK. Since gambling has been such a huge part of their culture, it continues to remain a cornerstone of the nation.

Today, you can play many of your favorite games online:
Plus, thanks to the legislative action, you can play your favorite games online. Simply find the casino with valid registration. Then, sign up and start playing.

Online casino guide for UK players

So, since it is legal for people to play online, how did you find a decent online casino? Well, with so many options available on the Internet, sifting through them all is a little outrageous. Instead, we suggest scanning for the following factors. Until you find casinos that meet each of them, continue your search. Once you encounter a suitable location, then you can do a deeper dive. Plus, we review the best live casino UK options around.

Only spend your time at places with valid registration:
Before you give them anything, ensure they carry a valid registration. Unless they have one of them, it is illegal for them to operate. Therefore, it would be a waste of your time to pursue business with them.

Don’t waste any effort on places without sufficient rewards:
Suppose you noticed the valid registration. However, upon closer review, you also saw that their bonuses were rather skimpy. If that happens to be the case, then we recommend finding an establishment with more substantial offerings.

If they don’t have a good variety, find somewhere more exciting:
Finally, with an online casino, there is no excuse for lack of variety. Since all the games are electronic, it’s not as if they take up a ton of space. Thus, unless they have sufficient variety, we would wager that another establishment would suit you better.

Best UK online casinos

Okay, with those factors in mind, we can eliminate many of the potential competitors. Nevertheless, even with that, you’ll still be left with quite a few options. Thus, we’ve created a foolproof method to review each of them. If you are curious about how nice of a place it is, then you can rely on us. With the following perspective, we analyze each of the casinos that come across our desk. That way, you can have a reliable source of unbiased information to compare them.

The overall variety:
First and foremost, the best casinos must have sufficient variety. If they only have a few games, then how much fun can you really have there? Without enough variety, it’s only a matter of time until everyone leaves bored.

How difficult is it for new players to register?:
Of course, let’s say that the place does have a pretty decent variety of games. Even with that crossed off our list, there are other factors of paramount importance. For example, how easy would it be for a newcomer to register an account? If it’s overly complicated, then we would not recommend visiting them.

Compared to other casinos, how good are the bonuses?:
Besides, with the bonuses, the best casinos are easy to spot. Since they offer such large prizes, their competitors offer almost no comparison. If you want to make the most out of each wager, then you must find a casino with suitable bonuses. Otherwise, you’ll be disappointed by the size of your winnings. If you had to ask us, that’s the opposite of a good casino experience.

In general, how does the customer service team perform?:
Plus, let’s suppose something bad happened while you were gambling. Generally, you could take such an issue to the customer service team. However, as we all know, not all customer service teams perform equally. For each casino we review, we will investigate the quality of their customer service. If they are subpar, you will be the first to know certainly.

When depositing money, which methods are available for use?:
Before you can even place a wager, you’ve got to deposit funds into your account. Without them in there, you’ll have nothing to play with. Still, not all casinos make this process easy to complete. For those instances where it’s difficult, we will make a note of it. That way, you’ll always feel like you can plan ahead reliably.

After you withdraw funds, how long does it take for them to reach your account?:
On the contrary, in some instances, depositing is rather simple. However, once you decide to withdraw your money, things are complicated needlessly. To rank as one of the best, both sides of the process must be seamless. If there are any hang-ups, we are obligated to report them.

British slang for gambling

If you have ever been inside of the British casino, then you know that they have a ton of slang. From the moment you walk through the doors, it’s impossible not to overhear some of it. Here are a few of our favorite terms.

To place a hedge is to place a protective bet. That way, if your main gamble doesn’t go in your favor, you’ll be protected from overwhelming losses.

When you hear someone saying that the machine is progressive, that means the jackpot increases in size over time. As more people play the machine, the amount you could win will increase.

For the most part, if you hear someone say this, they are referring to a 25-pound bet. Thus, you’ll know exactly what to expect when they place such a wager on the table.

In America, people refer to these gamblers as high rollers. However, in British slang, people refer to them by using the word whale. In either case, they are referring to someone who gambles with large sums.

Popular UK gambling banking options

Above all, payment processing is among the most important aspects of a quality online casino. Without easy access to payments, the casino may as well cease operations. Because, without such access, even getting money into your wallet can be a struggle. Luckily, in the UK, all the following options are commonly supported. That way, you’ll never be stuck without knowing how to move forward.

Credit and debit cards:
Typically, people tend to use either a credit or debit card to deposit funds. Since most online casinos support them, they remain among the most accessible methods.

Online banking transfers:
Often, people don’t have a credit or debit card. However, even though they don’t have one of those, they still have the bank. Thus, initiating a bank transfer online is a relatively straightforward substitute.

Perhaps, you may not have a credit card or a bank account. If that’s the case, then you might try using PayPal to make the deposit. Most of the time, they will suffice when others have failed.

Finally, crypto is among the most recent innovations in the financial sector. Although it’s quite different from traditional currency, it functions in much the same way. Thus, casinos have begun to accept deposits in this form. If you have a wallet full of crypto, then trying to use it as your deposit may be worthwhile.

Who regulates gambling in UK?

While gambling in the UK is legal, that doesn’t mean no regulations exist. In fact, it’s among the most well-regulated industries in the country. However, all regulations are managed by a single organization. This organization is given legislative power over the industry. That way, if they need to make any changes, they have the power to do so.

The gambling commission:
This organization is the one that is responsible for regulating gambling. Within the UK, anything that involves a game of chance is underneath their purview. Most of the time, you’ll hardly ever interact with them. However, for casinos to operate, they must obtain a valid registration from them. Without one of those, they are obligated to keep their doors closed. Every valid casino online in UK has one. Even the top UK casinos must keep them up to day.