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When was the last time you went to a live casino in Romania? If it has been a little while, then you are in for some changes. Years ago, gambling wasn’t legal within the country. However, since the year 1991, everything has been much different. In that year, legislation was passed that overturned the status quo. In addition, the first casino was also opened.

Now, people can gamble whenever they please. In fact, there are at least 20 casinos in the country. Plus, now there are more places online that offer gambling than ever before. Therefore, it’s easier for people to gamble than it would have been years ago.

Is gambling legal or illegal in Romania?

Typically, before you can gamble, it needs to be legal. Otherwise, to do so would be to break the law. If you would prefer to stay a law-abiding citizen, then following the legal code is essential.

Luckily, you can gamble without breaking the law today. Since legislation changes, even previously illegal things can be made legal. In Romania, gambling has undergone such a transformation.

Gambling in Romania is legal:

As of the moment, it is legal for people to gamble within Romania. Although it hasn’t always been, gambling is legal as long as you follow the law.

Casinos must acquire a proper license:

To operate legally, casinos must have the proper license. Without that, then they can be forced to shut their doors. These same rules apply to casinos that offer services online. To continue operating, they must maintain an up-to-date license. Otherwise, they will be at the mercy of the regulators.

Since 2015, activity has spiked:

It was that year when the laws were changed. At that moment, casinos began to rush their development. As a result, plenty of new options are available today that were not available back then. However, it’s important for people to review of the places they use. Otherwise, it’s next to impossible for them to make an informed decision.

Online casino guide for Romanian players

How often have you been disappointed with a casino? If you are like most, then it’s probably happened more than a couple of times. For those reasons, we’ve decided to help people in your shoes. Before you decide to register an account, check for the following items. If the casino doesn’t have them all, then it would be best to choose another place. That way, you won’t be surprised by anything unexpected.

Find somewhere to the right registration:

Above all, check to see if they have a valid registration. For the registration to be valid, it must be up-to-date. Unless they have an unexpired registration, you should not register an account with them.

Look for places that offer live options:

Until you try live gambling, you have not gotten a chance to live. Of course, you could go to an in-person casino. However, in that case, you might have to drive several hours. By going to an online casino, you can have a similar experience with far less stress. Plus, you won’t have to waste any money on gas.

Check out some reviews before you make a choice:

Sometimes, people assume they can’t play at an online casino because they don’t have time to review them. Instead of doing it yourself, you should rely on other people to do the work for you. That way, you can peruse the reviews without having to do the legwork.

Best Romanian online casinos

For all the casinos, we use the following rubric to grade them. Depending on how they perform, we will assign them an appropriate score. For each category, we use strict metrics. That way, in the end, we can produce an objective analysis. When comparing different casinos, it helps to have these to contract them. That way, You can quickly summarize the major differences between the two. Then, you can make an informed selection depending on those differences.

Game variations:

The moment you get bored at a casino is a decisive instance. If they happen to have multiple other options, then the boredom should be nothing more than a mere moment. Still, too many online casinos have a limited selection. In those circumstances, it’s all but impossible to dissuade the boredom.

Jackpot sizes:

The more you play, the more you should win. If the casino doesn’t seem to offer fair jackpots, then we would not suggest them to you. Because you want to win, frequent jackpots are crucial for an engaging experience.

Bonuses for new and returning users:

As most of you know, casinos tend to offer new users massive bonuses to entice them. Thus, newcomers flock to these places like flies to a porch light. Still, it seems as if existing customers are often left out in the dark. Unless casinos offer bonuses to both groups, we will make a note of it in this category. That way, you won’t waste time registering an account at a casino without any concern for their customers.

Overall experience at live casino Romania:

The better the experience, the higher their score will be. Most of the time, it won’t take long for you to form an initial impression. By all accounts, these impressions have an uncanny tendency to remain accurate.

Talent of their customer service team:

Of course, mistakes happen occasionally. In those solemn circumstances, it would help to have a quality customer service team. For those dire moments, we always recommend working with them. By using their help, you’ll make it through just fine. Unless the casino has a great team, we will not give them a decent score.

Banking options:

How difficult is depositing money into your wallet on the website? As the difficulty increases, their score in this category will decrease. The best casinos should always have easy payment options.

Speed of payment transfers:

Plus, those payment options should be relatively rapid. If they take a long time, then the casino would not receive an appreciative score. On the other hand, the quicker those transfers process, the better their score will be.

Website design:

Finally, who wants to gamble on a website that is atrocious? Nobody would like to do something like that. Therefore, if the website is poorly designed, we won’t recommend you visit.

Romanian Slang for Gambling

Romania is a country with a long and storied history. Throughout those formative years, many interesting words have mingled into their language. At first glance, some of them seem fairly recognizable. However, when you hear them, they have an interesting character. The sounds of the Romanian language are hauntingly elegant. Here are a few choice selections we believe will be interesting.


What do you believe this word means? If we had to wager a guess, we might suppose that it meant casino. If you also placed such a guess, then you would be right. If you happen to see this word, then you’ll know how to process it. By understanding it, you’ll be prepared for just about anything.


What would you guess this word means? If we had to reckon, we suppose it meant gambler. Those of you who guessed the same would also be correct. Until you heard someone yell this across the floor, then it is difficult for you to claim attendance at a Romanian casino. This word is thrown around with a peculiar commonality.

Popular Romanian gambling banking options

Of course, the way you move your money is among the most important aspects of this whole process. Without an easy way to make transfers, gambling is nothing more than a pipe dream.


If you have a PayPal account, then you should be good to go. At most online casinos, this method of payment is accepted.

Visa Card:

Visa is among the most widely accepted payment processors in the world. Unless you are somewhere very isolated, chances are they accept the visa card. On top of that, many other popular credit and debit cards are also accepted.


Nowadays, more people have adopted crypto as their primary currency than ever before. Thus, it’s not unheard of to find casinos that offer support for those currencies.

Bank transfers:

Of course, even those who only have a bank account can still access many casinos. By initiating bank transfers, within a few days, your funds should deposit.

Who Regulates Gambling in Romania?

As with most, there is a governmental agency responsible for regulating the gambling industry. In the country of Romania, this institution is relatively recent. Until 1991, no such body was in existence. However, today, it operates with impunity. Without their approval, online casinos can’t offer customers their service.

The national gambling office:

In Romania, this is the name of the organization that is in control of gambling. Anything related to gambling must be done according to the rules set by this organization.