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Often, you’ll find it difficult to choose a new casino. Since the quality varies so much, casinos are not always easy to judge. If you live in Spain, then you’ve probably been wondering whether you can play online. Thanks to legislation passed a few years ago, it’s possible for Spanish players to gamble. On the Internet, there are now tons of casinos available for Spanish players. As long as they are registered, it’s fully legal for them to operate.

Is gambling legal or illegal in Spain?

In the past, gambling hasn’t always been legal in the country. Nevertheless, with the recent legislation, this is all changed. Now, people who are from Spain can gamble online. As long as all the rules are followed, nobody risks breaking the law.

For Spanish casinos, the Spanish gaming act regulates the industry:
To read the rules, you’ll have to check out the legislation. This legislation was passed about a decade ago. Since then, it has been providing the gaming industry with its rules of operation.

To legally operate, online casino Spain must maintain licensing at the federal level:
Above all, to operate, casinos must maintain a license. Generally speaking, they must register with the federal government. However, in some instances, they must also register at the regional level.

In addition, casinos must register with the regional authorities as well:
Most of the time, in order to offer their services, online casinos must be registered at the regional level. Unless they have this registration, it’s illegal for them to operate on the Internet. Still, casinos, without such registration, may operate a physical location in some instances.

Online casino guide for Spanish 21 players

Have you been wondering how the online casinos work over here? If so, then you are in the right place. Today, more people than ever are interested in gambling. Thankfully, with our current legislation, these people are no longer left out in the cold. Instead, by doing the right things, they can gamble as much as they would like.

Work with registered entities:
First and foremost, if you would like to gamble, then you must find a casino with the proper registration. Otherwise, you could spend all night wracking up your winnings. However, once it came time for you to cash out, then you would find out how much time was just wasted.

Many options are available:
Not to mention, with the prevalence of online casinos, there are more options available than ever. Suppose you have been playing at a particular place for a while. Then, you decide that you would like to try out something new. As a result of the legislation, it’s possible for you to do that now. Instead of being stuck in one spot, you can go all over.

Plenty of places with Spanish language settings:
Plus, at most of these places, you can choose to set the language to Spanish. That way, if you happen to be a Spanish speaker, you’ll be right at home. With other casinos, you’d be forced to learn how to read English. By choosing one with Spanish-language options, you can play games without having to translate.

Best Spanish online casinos

So, how do we decide which of the casinos available is the best? On all occasions, we endeavor to provide an objective analysis. To do this, boys created a framework for all our ratings. That way, as we review each, we can look at them through a perspective of objectivity. Otherwise, it would be nearly impossible for us to remain impartial. With this, that’s not an issue.

Bonuses for new players:
Since new players are so important, casinos offer them bonuses to register accounts typically. Most of the time, these tend to be rather small. Still, with enough of them, they can add up to be a substantial sum. For that reason, we use this factor As one of our most significant when reading. The better rewards the casino offers, the better the score it will receive.

Bonuses for returning players:
Nevertheless, even though bonuses are of such importance, not all casinos offer them for returning players. For those that do, we give them additional points in this category. That way, you can see which casinos value returning players the most.

Variety of games:
How much do you like doing the same stuff every day? If we had to guess, it would have to be a rather small amount. Therefore, we’ve always got our eyes peeled for a casino with generous game variety. That way, once you get bored of one game, you can transition over to another.

Are there any live casino Spain options?:
Nowadays, people have been enthralled by the advances in technology. Thanks to those, you can play casino games with other people from around the world in real-time. Not all online casinos offer life gambling options. But, for those that do, we will make sure they receive credit for those options.

How easy is it for people to register?:
Let’s say you’d like to register for an account. If that happens to be the case, then just how difficult would the registration process be? When it happens to be rather easy, the casino will receive praise from us. On the other hand, if it seems as if it were designed in the 90s, then it will not score well on this part.

How talented is the customer service team?:
Finally, as we all know, things don’t always go according to plan. When those situations arise, a reliable customer service team is essential. Without them, even the best casinos become nothing more than a headache. As long as the casino has great customer service, they won’t have anything to worry about. When the casino has poor customer service, we will make a note of it in this category.

Spanish slangs for gambling

The Spanish language is full of interesting words. If you haven’t heard any of their slang for gambling, then here are a few choice selections.

In English, this means to play. Use this word when you are ready to join a game.

With this one, you will say it to announce a bet. In fact, that is what it would mean if you were to translate it.

Popular Spain gambling banking options

Above all, deposit options determine how accessible a gambling institution is for the general public. When plenty of payment methods are available, it’s rather easy for people to deposit their earnings. Then, they can play as much as they would like. Nevertheless, on some occasions, casinos seem to offer a rather limited selection. Still, in Spain, the following options are all almost universally available. When you are at a casino, check to see if they offer these. As long as they do, deposits and withdrawals shouldn’t be too much of an ordeal.

  • Credit cards: Above all, credit cards are the most popular method of payment. Since these are so widely supported, nearly everyone has at least one of them. If they don’t, it won’t take you long to receive one in the mail after you apply. Suppose you need a new method of payment. Then, we suggest considering one of these. That way, you can use it in your daily life. Plus, you’ll have an easy way to deposit funds into online casinos as well.
  • Debit cards: Usually, people already have one of these. Although they are not as widely accepted as credit cards, debit cards are still among the most popular payment methods. Before you get a new credit card, check to see if your debit card works for making deposits.
  • Bank transfers: Let’s assume you got a functioning bank account. If that’s true, then you can use it to make deposits. However, when using one of these, it will take longer than if you had used a credit card. Typically, your deposit should transfer within a week. Once it hits the new account, you can start to gamble. Until then, you’ll be stuck waiting for the transfer to clear.
  • Cryptocurrency: Of course, no list would be complete without this. As the newest payment method, it is quickly growing in popularity. As of the moment, more and more casinos have gone to accept it for deposits.

Who regulates gambling in Spain?

Most countries have a specific institution responsible for regulating the gambling industry. In Spain, there is a comparable part of the government. As a result, for all things gambling, you can check with them. If something has changed, they will be the ones who happen to know.

The directorate-general for the regulation of gambling:
Since the introduction of the legislation, this has been the entity responsible for regulating the industry. Every time something changes, they are the ones who are responsible for monitoring it. Therefore, if you have any questions about the law, we suggest asking them. More often than not, they will be the ones who can provide a sufficient answer.