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Casino Gaming regulations are finally Public
Casino Gaming regulations are finally Public

Casino Gaming regulations are finally Public

The Bermuda Casino gaming commission said the Casino gaming regulations 2018 were designed to gurantee games are fair, honest and played with “Security and Integrity” as well as sound financial and operational controls in Casinos.

The new regulations also included provisions to make sure systems are in place to protect vulnerable players and that any fees are paid.

Jamahal Simmons, the economic development and Tourism minister said recently, “The Government is pleased to confirm the first tranche of the regulatory framework for gaming was complete last month”.

“I would like to extend my thanks and congratulations to the chairman, executive and acting CEO of the BCGC as well as the Attorney’s General’s Chamber”.

It was reported that BCGC has advertised for a new director executive for what is thought to be the third time since the resignation of Richard Schuetz last year in July.

Ms Scott, also the One Bermuda alliance Deputy leader said, “While the amendments to the Act do not allow the minister to determine who may be issued a casino license nor does it allow him or future ministers, the ability to interfere with corruption investigation, the amendment Act does require the commission to follow “general direction” on gaming policy put forward by the minister, as well as granting the minister the authority to replace commission member as and when the minister considers appropriate”.

The BCGC website and the regulation were available for inspection at its office on Hamiltons Church Street and can also be found Online.



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