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Home » CasinoFair launches on the FunFair Blockchain Casino Platform
CasinoFair launches on the FunFair Blockchain Casino Platform
CasinoFair launches on the FunFair Blockchain Casino Platform

CasinoFair launches on the FunFair Blockchain Casino Platform

FunFair, the decentralised Blockchain Casino Platform has launched CasinoFair as the first brand to go live on its platform. FunFair provides Blockchain powered gaming solutions for casino operators, and it hopes to deliver the ultimate casino experience for end users with easier setup and Lower cost.

CasinoFair promises to bring an exciting range of features to players, much more than they currently experience in Online Casinos. CasinoFair hopes to offer the fairest experience possible using FunFair’s proprietary Fate Channels.

Fate Channels were created to overcome scaling issues that affects blockchain casinos built on Ethereum and to take them cheaper to run. They are FunFair’s proprietary version of a generalized state channel technology used to generate real time random numbers as a collaboration between the player and the house as well as process to interactions with the game and the micropayments in the channel.

Speaking exclusively with CoinJournal in an interview, FunFair group’s founder,

“This issue is no longer relevant with a FunFair powered casino such as CasinoFair, which guarantees every deal of a card, the spin of a reel or roll of a dice is exactly as it should have been, using the blockchain for transparency and security. Players can no longer be cheated as they hold full control of their funds, and we believe that for these reasons, the potential market for a quality blockchain casino is vast”.

FunFair believes its platform is unique and far more than other casinos running on private server due to decentralized nature of blockchain and the smart contracts they run-on.

To get started as a player on CasinoFair, one needs to load Fun tokens into the players Crypto wallet address on the platform. Once the wallet has been funded, the gamer will have access to a wide range of premium games, including FunFair’s Fate of Thrones and popular casino games such as Blackjack. The platform plans to introduce fiat purchases in the Future.

At the moment, CasinoFair is only opened to players in Canada, Finland and Norway.


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