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Planet 7 Casino Review

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Welcome Bonus: $/€4000 Deposit Bonus + 20 Free Spins To Hit The Jackpot

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Planet 7 Casino has a promotion of a 400% match bonus on your first deposit up to $/€4000 + $/€25 free chips no deposit bonus on registration. Additionally, they offer 14 free spins on designated slot machines every single day that you log in! This means that you will never really be at a loss for fun and entertainment off of your bonuses with them. You get a lot of goodies just for signing up as a new player, and that is hard to come by at some casinos. It is never a worry at Planet 7 Casino.

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Planet 7 Casino Bonus

General Overview

Planet 7 Casino General Overview

Log on to any online casino these days and you will get an almost immediate sense of what they are all about. They all work hard to present their best face on the home screen, and you can tell immediately when they have not put their best foot forward. Fortunately, Planet 7 Casino is one that clearly put some thought and effort into their home page, and it shows up right away.

What you will see on that home screen is a smattering of their latest slot machine game offerings as well as some of the current bonuses that they offer. You will notice a few options such as an “instant play” button as well as the ability to sign up for a new account or log in as an existing player. It is clearly very user-friendly and easy to navigate around, and it was designed to be just that way on purpose. It will never take long to get to where you need to go on this online casino.

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Bonuses And Promotions

Planet 7 Casino Bonuses And Promotions

Any seasoned online casino player knows that he or she needs to check out what is on tap with the bonuses at any casino they consider playing at. These bonuses are literally free money for the taking for anyone willing to pony up an initial deposit. In some cases, no deposit is required at all.

Right now, Planet 7 Casino has a promotion of a 400% match bonus on your first deposit up to $/€4000 + $/€25 free chips no deposit bonus on registration. Additionally, they offer 14 free spins on designated slot machines every single day that you log in! This means that you will never really be at a loss for fun and entertainment off of your bonuses with them. You get a lot of goodies just for signing up as a new player, and that is hard to come by at some casinos. It is never a worry at Planet 7 Casino.

Bonus Codes

Planet 7 Casino Bonus Codes

Casino Games Offered

Planet 7 Casino Games Offered

Game selection and availability is a big deal for online casino players as they like variety in what they choose to play. Some players are happy to choose their favorite slot machine game and sit in front of it for hours, but most want to mix up it up every now and then at a minimum. This is why Planet 7 Casino focuses so hard on making sure they keep a wide selection of games available for all players. They never want anyone to feel left out, and they want to gather up as much player money as they possibly can.

Slot machines are a big part of what Planet 7 Casino has to offer, but they also put out some fan favorites such as Roulette, Keno, Video Poker, and even some unique adventure-style games such as “Banana Jones”. That play on Indiana Jones is a fun diversion from what so many players are accustomed to playing, and they tend to really enjoy the atmosphere and change of pace that the game brings to the table.

Gaming Providers

Realtime Gaming is your provider for all of the games found on Planet 7 Casino. They currently have an offering of 190 different games to choose from, but they are constantly adding to that list and rotating around their offerings to keep things interesting. You can fully expect them to maintain the same high-quality software in all of their games as they continue to expand into as many online casino games as they possibly can.

Biggest Winnings

There are some massive sums being paid out on Planet 7 Casino. It is a place where people can go to test Lady Luck and see if she can hand over some life-changing money to them. More than a few players have done exactly that.

The Player of the Month feature is a great way to see some of the top winners from the previous month on Planet 7 Casino. This month, the big winner was a lucky player named Jeff who walked away with just around $75,000!

Jeff is from Oklahoma and had only made one deposit on the Planet 7 Casino website, but he took that deposit to the bank by winning big and coming up with a grand total of $75,000 between two wins.

The man was playing big by betting $75 per spin, but he got lucky and hit a Dragon Mountain Feature on the slot game called Fucanglong that generated a win of a little over $8,000. Just a few minutes and a few spins later and he unlocked another special feature that paid out the remainder of the $75,000 that he managed to win. This all came in the span of about ten minutes. It was definitely an exciting ten minutes for Jeff!


Planet 7 Casino does not regularly schedule tournaments for any of the games that they have, but they are an occasionally feature. You should keep an eye out for them as they occasionally run promotions around the launch of a new slot machine game that they want to promote. When they do that, they will have players all competing against one another to try to win the most money possibly from the particular slot machine game. Additional prizes are awarded to those who win the most money while the tournament is running. This adds a little excitement for players who enjoy some friendly competition to go along with their casino playing.

Deposit And Withdrawal

Planet 7 Casino Deposit And Withdraw Methods

The most common question that online casinos get from prospective new players are about their deposit and withdrawal options. New players need to know how they can get their money onto a casino site, and more importantly, how they can get that money back into their bank account when they are done winning.

Planet 7 Casino has made it easy to do both. With just a minimum deposit of $20, a player can begin to enjoy their casino games. They may deposit via a Visa, Discover or MasterCard or even a pre-paid debit card of their choice. Additionally, other deposit options are available such as Skrill and Bitcoin. Any and all of these choices are a great way to get money onto a gambling website.

Withdrawal of money from the casino has never been easier either. Planet 7 Casino keeps it nice and easy for their customers as they want to make sure those players understand that this is a legitimate business and that everyone is playing on an equal field here. They know that some other casinos have given the whole industry a bad name, and they don’t any part of that. Thus, the withdrawal options are a bank check, bank wire, or even a cash transfer. They are simple and fast.

The casino makes sure to handle all withdrawal requests with 5-7 business days of when they are made. They will inform the player if the request has been approved or denied after they have taken the time to process it. At any point during that processing period a player may choose to reverse their decision to withdraw the money. They can have it put right back into their casino account to play some more if they choose to do so. This simply adds another layer of flexibility to the games and makes it easier for players to change their minds.

Restricted Countries

Planet 7 Casinos currently accepts players from any country in which it is legal to do so. There are complex laws regarding online gambling in many parts of the world. It is always best to check what the rules are in the particular jurisdiction that you reside before you decide to make a deposit. This is wise no matter which online casino you are looking at.

Supported Languages

Players from all over the world are welcomed to play at Planet 7 Casino, but the main supported language is English. Players may decide to use online translation programs to attempt to put the content into their native language, but this site is definitely the easiest to use for native English speakers.

How To Open An Account

It is very simple to open an account. You will only need your name, phone number, e-mail address, and your form of payment. You should have whichever form of deposit you intend to use at the ready so that you may enter the information quickly and easily to get started. This could be anything from the credit card you wish to use to the Bitcoin wallet address depending on what form of deposit you decide to go with. Just keep it nearby so as to make the signup process as seamless as possible.

VIP Program

Planet 7 Casino VIP Program

Anyone who wants to may sign up for the VIP program with Planet 7 Casino. The purpose of this program is to reward loyal players for the action that they give the casino. The more that you play, the higher your tier in the program. There are always special promotions and bonuses offered to VIP members, so it pays to remain loyal to this casino. It is nice to get something back for the money that you put into a particular casino, and Planet 7 Casino wants to reward all loyal players for doing that.

Customer Support

Having difficulties with any aspect of the Planet 7 Casino platform? No worries! There is a staff of customer support specialists who are on standby to help out with this. They have a toll-free number that you may call for phone support, or you can choose to use the live chat function to speak with a member of staff via instant message. The live chat function can get you the quickest service in many cases, so it is a great choice as long as you are comfortable using it.

Never worry that you will be left struggling with anything related to their website. The staff of customer support specialists are on staff 24/7/365.

Affiliate Program

Planet 7 Casino Affiliate Program

How would you like to earn some extra income for yourself while promoting a casino that you know and love? Planet 7 Casino gives you that opportunity. Maybe you need to build up your bankroll a little before you can play some of the games at the levels that you want to. No problem! Become a member of the affiliate program and you can start earning that bankroll in no time.

Planet 7 Casino partners with Ace Revenue to allow those who sign up to earn as much as 45% of the revenue generated from a new player that they have helped recruit. It is just a matter of getting that new player to use your affiliate link when they sign up to play. This means that one can make Planet 7 Casino into a nice revenue stream for themselves regardless of their level of play at the actual casino.

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Security And Regulations

Planet 7 Casino offers 256 bit SSL security on al of the transactions that occur on their website. They know that it is critical that all players have confidence that their account information is protected when they go to play at any online casino. They are only interested in providing the most top-notch security and service to those players. Thus, layers of protection are included with them to make the experience that much safer and more comfortable.


Planet 7 Online Casino has been serving online gamblers since 2009. That is an eleven year track record in an industry that frequently sees online casinos disappear after only a year or two if not sooner. This one clearly stands tall amongst a collection of others who just don’t have what it takes. Therefore, it is safe to say that they have been through a lot of the ups and downs of the industry, and they are trustworthy.


This casino is licensed in Costa Rica at the moment with the hopes of getting additional licenses from other jurisdictions as time goes on. Laws regarding online gambling around the world will either help or hinder them on this quest.


There is nothing wrong with a casino that can offer a 200% deposit bonus right off the bat and free spins on their slot machines daily. The casino has some of the best security and easiest deposit and withdrawal methods in the industry. One downside is that gambling laws are not more open in the United States and some other parts of the world, but Planet 7 Casino has done a great job in working with the laws the way that they are written right now.

Kicking back and enjoying some recreational gambling on this website could hand you a big win like it did for Jeff from Oklahoma. At the very least, you can have a lot of fun with it, and perhaps you can even get in on the affiliate program and generate some extra funds for yourself that way. No matter what, Planet 7 Casino has proven its worth since 2009, and it looks like it is here to stay for the long run.

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