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Crackdown on illegal Dublin Casino to Expand

Crackdown on illegal Dublin Casino to Expand
Crackdown on illegal Dublin Casino to Expand

After launching a successful clampdown on illegal gambling operations, Irish authorities have decided to expand the Scope of their activities and crackdown on illegal casinos in Dublin. The actions are coming at a time when the country’s gambling control bill is struggling to see any progress for last five years.

According to a report by the Casino Guardian, the revenue commissioners have decided that illegal casinos based in Dublin will hear their death sentence. The finance Minister states at the time that the process for removal of gambling machines at local premises had already started. The number of unlicensed gambling machines in the city has considerably increased in 2018.

The directive that bans these machines was issued in 1988 by the city council which ensured that no gambling license are offered in the City. The Casino’s operating in the city had to file for amusement license instead which must undergo lax regulatory control. They can only offer games which allow the users to play again Or get non cashed base price with values going up to 7 euros.

The authorities have also placed a deadline for the places to eliminate these gaming machines from their premises to avoid further actions. Irish citizens have also grown increasingly addicted to gambling over time. Experts from the Saoirse Addiction treatment centre in Limerick notes that Gambling addiction is one of the most serious problems in the gambling sector.


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