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ECA calls for action against unlicensed online gambling providers

An increased action gets called by the European Casino Association against the group of people of unlicensed online gambling providers.

At the 12th conference of the European Association of the Study of Gambling, which took place in Malta some words were addressed which turned  out to be of much power  against the challenges raised by online gambling people. This was something which called for a strict action against such people. It was one of the key issue which was raised inn the conference.

Addressing the gathering Hoscher said in the conference about the case law and secondary legislation at EU level. His words were clear enough to throw light on the principle of subsidiarity, and the need for national licenses, so that the legal online gambling gets a provision without getting recognition mutually.

Some of the massive success of some countries in stopping illegal gambling was highlighted. Hoscher also took the discussion further by stating that the current scenario of illegal online gambling is on the peak in many countries of EU where the problem has yet not been solved smoothly.

Further adding on to his statements he also stated that the continuous provision of the unlicensed online services of gambling has led to the undermining of consumer protection measures, st national levels the regulatory effects has taken place and the contribution which was being made by tax and funding has been put to risk.

A great threat can be seen towards money laundering and organised crime in connection with the online gambling.

Hoscher further reacted to the challenges coming ahead and added to his words that all the policy makers, regulators and stakeholders who were involved in the online gambling, need to take a strong step to step the provision of online gambling.

This won’t be easy as it  would require strengthened force who would abide by national gambling legislation.

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