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eSports Declared As A Profession By China
eSports Declared As A Profession By China

eSports Declared As A Profession By China

eSports has been officially recognized as a profession by China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (CMHRSS). The government has now included “esports professional” and “esports operator” in the list of 15 new approved professions.

Other professions included in the list are big data engineer, drone pilot and also AI Engineer.

“Esports operators” are defined by CMHRSS as those professionals who are responsible for organizing esports events and producing content. In addition to this they will be expected to increase the commercial value of esports through marketing and promotion.

On the other hand, “esports professionals” are considered to be those individuals who will compete in tournaments, train with other professionals and perform in events. The definition also includes those individuals who assist with training and analyse games.

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