Hainan Party Chief dismisses talk of Casinos, other gambling.


The island provinces of Hainan would be allowed the freedom to offer gambling and other betting activities.

Hainan Daily, the State owned Newspaper said that, Liu Cigui secretary of the Hainan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, emphatically pouring Cold Water on saying about, “Online comments about opening casinos, allowing gambling and Horseracing”.

Around Five Years ago, Some Hainan Resorts has started begin to offer something like ‘Cashless Casino’ which resemble normal casino table games but due to the start of this cashless casino offer winner were paid out in credits that could only be redeemed for non-gaming amenities at the Resorts. This new Move by the hainan resorts was spotted internationally than quickly these cashless casinos were closed by the Main Authorities.

In February, a Hainan Court overturned a lower court ruling in which 4 staff members working at the Mangrove Tree Resort went to prison for their roles in organizing its Cashless Casino. Beijing was serious about relaxing its longstanding prohibition on casino gambling outside Macau.

All the plans have been for only for the name purpose, and only people which are celebrating about this news are Macau’s Casino licenses, who can now easily go back to counting their Money.