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Home » Israeli Court takes Aim at Online Gambling Domains
Israeli Court takes Aim at Online Gambling Domains
Israeli Court takes Aim at Online Gambling Domains

Israeli Court takes Aim at Online Gambling Domains

Online Gaming companies are in trouble as in Israel after three unauthorized gambling domains- p2vBet.com, 1xBet.com and totobet777.com- were blocked for targeting israeli customers by a court ordered injection.

Last week, Tel AvivDistrict Court Judge Zion Kapah at the state of prosecuter’s office and the israeli police’s unit for combating economic crime, issued an order to local Internet Service Provider (ISP) to block those 3 domains and prohibiting players in israeli from accessing the online gambling services.

Israel’s stance on Gambling: This Move to block those three domains due to the powers to prevent offences through an Internet Law Site 5767-2017, which was passed last year and gave some powers to local authorities to issue ISP restrictions regarding to “serious crimes”, which includes terrorism, child pornography, drugs and prostitution.

The first three domains were the first gambling sites targeted, though these domains are not only in the list as Hiam Wismonsky, the director of the Economic Crime Unit, revealed other sites would also be targeted in coming future.

This isn’t the first time israeli police have taken a harsh action against gambling. Gambling are most illegal in israel-Lottery and sports betting are the exceptions and Israel based companies are prohibited from operating online gaming platforms.

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