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Kentucky Democrat Leader Wants To Expand Gambling To Fund Pension Plans

Kentucky Democrat Leader Wants To Expand Gambling To Fund Pension Plans
Kentucky Democrat Leader Wants To Expand Gambling To Fund Pension Plans

Hot from the press; talking to a public gathering in Louisville Kentucky, Democrat Andy Beshear has said that he is looking forward to an expansion of gambling in Kentucky. Kentucky is amongst the US states that have most regressive laws for casinos and other gambling operations.

The Democrat representative says he wants to use the revenues generated from taxing the gambling operations to fund the state’s public pension systems, Associated Press reports.

The public pension system in Kentucky has long been struggling to get enough funds to support the pension schemes. It is also by far amongst the east funded pension systems in the US.

As such it is one of the top priorities of many state lawmakers; however, financing pension systems by allowing expansion of gambling in the state is a different approach if not surprising given the state’s reputation related to gambling activities.

Democrat Andy Beshear says he wants to expand gambling in Kentucky and use the proceeds to fund struggling public pension systems.

According to latest from the Associated Press, “two of his rivals in next month’s gubernatorial primary are taking shots at the proposal.”

Beshear was clear about his agenda. He has said that all revenues from taxing the expanded gambling ecosystem in the state will go towards funding the pension plans.

Talking of his father, Beshear said that he wanted to legalize gambling but it wasn’t possible, and now it is he (Beshear) who is going to get that done.

Critics of his idea have already gotten vocal about gambling expansion in the state. Rep. Rocky Adkins has termed her proposal unrealistic. Rep Adam Edelen took a jibe at the gambling expansion proposal and said that it was an “irresponsible gamble” citing what happened with previous proposals that failed.

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