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Montana Lawmakers Discuss New Bill To Introduce Sports Betting

Montana Lawmakers Discuss New Bill To Introduce Sports Betting
Montana Lawmakers Discuss New Bill To Introduce Sports Betting

The lawmakers in Montana Legislative assembly discussed the bill that proposes to allow sports betting in clubs and bars that also have a liquor license. The proposed legislation also includes legalizing betting on both college and pro tournaments.

Sen. Mark Blasdel of Kalispell introduced the bill to the committee of Montana lawmakers. The new bill is proposed after the US Supreme court made it legal for states to allow sports betting in their jurisdictions.
Those in favor of the newly proposed bill, believe that legalized sports betting will bring in more revenue in taxes and that it is already taking place without being regulated.

The bill allows for computerized wagering on sports events which would be run by professional sportsbook companies which install betting machines in bars with a liquor license.

According to the proposed bill, the bar will be receiving 5 percent of the total profits generated through sports betting activities. Another 8.5 percent will be charged as state tax and will bring in revenue for the local government.

The new bill has been drafted after consultation with the state Department of Justice, companies dealing in gambling machines, and the Montana Tavern Association.

Senator Baisden said that the new bill if passed and enacted into law, will take effect from June 2020. He also said that by that time the state would have enough time to formulate and code the rules related to sports betting in Montana.

He added that if there are conflicts and issues after the bill comes into effect, the committee can sit after six months and discuss the problems that arise.

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