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Next Phase Of ‘Bet Regret’ Urges Football Fans To Reconsider Their Gambling Habits
Next Phase Of ‘Bet Regret’ Urges Football Fans To Reconsider Their Gambling Habits

Next Phase Of ‘Bet Regret’ Urges Football Fans To Reconsider Their Gambling Habits

Gambling charity GambleAware has launched the next phase of its safer gambling campaign Bet Regret. In this phase, the campaign will focus on football fans and will encourage them to reconsider their gambling habits.

The new campaign will have the tagline: ‘Think Twice or You’ll Bet Regret it’.

The Bet Regret campaign was launched by GambleAware, earlier in February this week. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about problem gambling amongst the youth.

The campaign targets2.4 million young men aged between 16-34 who wager regularly on sport, and of which 87% regularly watch football.

“The campaign is centered around raising awareness of three risky behaviors – betting whilst bored, drunk or chasing losses. 63% of this target audience believe that there are too many opportunities to bet nowadays, whilst around 2 million adults suffer some level of harm related to gambling, including 340,000 that are problem gamblers.” GambleAware said in a statement explaining the campaign.

Marc Etches, CEO of GambleAware said: ‘The Bet Regret campaign is really starting to gain momentum, and seems, at this early stage, to be resonating with our audience. This season, we look to build on that, drive more conversations around Safer Gambling, and help people Think Twice to steer clear of Bet Regret.”

Recently, UK gambling giant, GVC Holdings announced that it will donate branding rights from its football sponsorship deals to gambling charity GambleAware.

The donation includes GVC’s sponsorship deals across England and Scotland, as well as GVC-owned Ladbrokes’ title sponsorship deal with the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL).

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