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North Carolina A Step Closer To Launching Sports Betting On Tribal Land
North Carolina A Step Closer To Launching Sports Betting On Tribal Land

North Carolina A Step Closer To Launching Sports Betting On Tribal Land

Lawmakers in North Carolina are to hear a bill which calls for allowing sports betting on tribal land in the state; however, betting on sporting events will remain restricted in the rest of the state.

Senate Bill 154 has passed the key committees and could be discussed on the floor of the house. The bill was approved by the House Commerce Committee on Tuesday.

Rep. Kevin Corbin, R-Macon, confirmed that the new sports betting bill would allow sports gambling in Eastern Band of Cherokee casinos in Cherokee and Murphy.

“We’re not asking you this morning to legalize sports betting and gambling in North Carolina, we’re simply asking you to add this to the list of the games that are allowed” at the casinos, Corbin said.

Sen. Jim Davis, R-Macon, said that “The Eastern Band have been extremely good stewards of the revenue generated from their gaming operations.”

The legalization of sports betting on tribal land would help the state gross anything between $1 million and $1.5 million annually in tax revenue.

Earlier in April, the bill passed N.C. Senate with a 43-7 vote. Once the bill is approved by the house, it will move to Gov. Roy Cooper office for final and official approval.

Also, in April, legislators approved a bill to legalize casino nights for charities. Lawmakers in favor of the bill said that it was not fair to keep charities from organizing such events and that nonprofits should be allowed to host casino nights.

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