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Mike Takayama Becomes first Filipino to win Asia Player of the Year


The phlippine’s Mike Takayama, a 29 year old former billiards pro from Mandaluyong city, was recently named the 2018 Asia player of the Year (APOY), becoming the first Filipino to win the title. The race which ran from November 27, 2017 through August 12 of this year, awarded a $20,000 prize, which Takayama plans to invest in a billiards themed cafe.

“I feel very happy because winning the APOY is a dream” he told to the blog. “A lot of players also aspire to win this award. I hope they use me as an inspiration. There are a lot of excellent Filipino poker players who are still waiting for their big break. Just continue playing and you can also win like me”.

Road to the Title:

Takayama poker career started when he won a local invitational event for a Brand New BMW car. Since 2010, Takayama has amassed $936,583 in tournaments earnings, which puts him third on the philippines all time money list.

Takayama’s most notable score during the APOY race was topping a field of 2,065 entries to win the 2018 World Series of Poker Events. It was the first ever WSOP bracelet collected by a player from the philippines.

Takayama, who is a metro team pro, has already secured a seat in January’s PSPC after capturing a $30K platinum pass at the PokerStars Live Manila Super Series Season 5.

Paul Phua and Tom Dwan play $2.3M pot at Triton SHR jeju 2018 cash game


Another Fascinating episode of high stakes poker from the triton poker Super High Roller Jeju 2018 crash game arrived this week, highlighted by a huge hand between Paul Phua and Tom Dwan.

The Currency used in game was south Korean Won, with $1 USD currently the equivalent of about 1,115. The stakes of the game were 3M/6M with a 6M blind ante, and they were using a 12M straddle as well, which means there was 27M in the middle before the cards were dealt.

“The Straddle makes everybody  play looser, ” explains Veldhuis, nothing how the straddle essentially functions as an extra blind”.

“Its best made before people have seen their hands, so there’s extra dead money out there.

Phua considered for a moment, then put in another reraise to 320M, pushing the total pot to the equivalent of $431,100.

“This is one of the moments where Tom Dwan’s image works against him” comments Veldhuis, alluding to Dwan’s frequent aggression and how it can often elicit other players playing aggressive against him with a wide range.

Dwan started hand with just under 1.3B and after spending a lengthy time in the tank he choose to put all of that in the middle, than Expressed disgust when Phua snap called to reveal his ace.

CasinoFair launches on the FunFair Blockchain Casino Platform


FunFair, the decentralised Blockchain Casino Platform has launched CasinoFair as the first brand to go live on its platform. FunFair provides Blockchain powered gaming solutions for casino operators, and it hopes to deliver the ultimate casino experience for end users with easier setup and Lower cost.

CasinoFair promises to bring an exciting range of features to players, much more than they currently experience in Online Casinos. CasinoFair hopes to offer the fairest experience possible using FunFair’s proprietary Fate Channels.

Fate Channels were created to overcome scaling issues that affects blockchain casinos built on Ethereum and to take them cheaper to run. They are FunFair’s proprietary version of a generalized state channel technology used to generate real time random numbers as a collaboration between the player and the house as well as process to interactions with the game and the micropayments in the channel.

Speaking exclusively with CoinJournal in an interview, FunFair group’s founder,

“This issue is no longer relevant with a FunFair powered casino such as CasinoFair, which guarantees every deal of a card, the spin of a reel or roll of a dice is exactly as it should have been, using the blockchain for transparency and security. Players can no longer be cheated as they hold full control of their funds, and we believe that for these reasons, the potential market for a quality blockchain casino is vast”.

FunFair believes its platform is unique and far more than other casinos running on private server due to decentralized nature of blockchain and the smart contracts they run-on.

To get started as a player on CasinoFair, one needs to load Fun tokens into the players Crypto wallet address on the platform. Once the wallet has been funded, the gamer will have access to a wide range of premium games, including FunFair’s Fate of Thrones and popular casino games such as Blackjack. The platform plans to introduce fiat purchases in the Future.

At the moment, CasinoFair is only opened to players in Canada, Finland and Norway.


Sharp increase in Mississippi casino revenue in August thanks to sports betting


Overall casino revenue rose sharply in Mississippi in August with the start of sports betting in the state.

State revenue department figure released thursday show gamblers lost $181 million statewide in august, up 8 percent from $168 million In August 2017.

Only $645,000 of the amount, lost was on sports wager, though with $7.7 million in best placed in the first month of sports wagering in Mississippi.

Casino executives and regulators hope the lure of sports betting will mean more money lost on other Casino games and more gamblers staying in casino hostels and eating in restaurants. After September is over, Mississippi gaming commission Deputy Director Jay McDaniel said the commission plans analyze whether sports betting is creating increases in other revenue, and by how much.

McDaniel said that though Sept 19, bettors wagered $17.8 million, suggesting the total will be between $25 million and $30 million for the month. Over the long term, Jacobs said officials expect casinos to win 6 percent to 7 percent of what Is wagered.

A May U.S. Supreme Court decision allowed states nationwide to join Nevada in legalizing sport betting.

The Strong month tipped Mississippi’s Casino revenue into positive territory for the past 12 months, leaving the state with a gain of less than 1 percent.

Number exclude Choctaw Indian casinos, which don’t report  winnings to the state.

GBG forms partnership with European casino Association


The European Casino Association has announced a partnership with global identity data intelligence specialists GBG.

By becoming a partner of the ECA, GBG joins the land based casino community represented by the ECA, sharing the aim of a strong and lively casino industry in Europe.

Alongside other ECA partners, it becomes a part of the associations future development and enjoys direct access to the ECA event and number of related benefits.

The ECA represents the land based casino community in Europe working towards the successful development of a thriving gaming industry through events and networking driving cooperation within the industry- from manufactures to service providers and new entrants as represented by its partners.

Roger Tyrzyk, business development manager at GBG said, “GBG is proud to be a partner of the ECA. We had the pleasure of presenting our GBG IDscan solution at the ECA annual industry forum, to show how casinos can onboard new customers in seconds whilst remaining fully compliant. We look to forward to continuing this great start to the partnership and becoming closely involved with the ECA and it’s members”.

Executive Reshuffle for Eldoardo: Eldoardo Resorts board of director has approved an executive management transition to position the company for its next phase growth.

New free sports/Casino comparison site to beat online markers


Sports fans, who like a flutter can now take a advantage of the first bond fide comparison site to capture the sporting and Casino sectors.

Your Free Bet is completely free and is an easy to easy navigate platform providing the best free bets, online betting tools, facts, offers and odd comparisons from bookies and casinos around the world, plus expert predictions and advice on how to make the most of all this knowledge. It’s all about giving the most level playing field and the best possible chance of maximising your money and beating the online bookmakers.

Coupon Busters give you the very best chance of complementing accumulators, so simply click the game that busted your coupon, select the team and check out the stats- for the very first digitalised coupon Busters reviews and the team to avoid.

Knowledge is power via the Stats Centre facts which offers unrivalled facts and figures on nearly 30 different posts.

The Tips section also features a daily take on the most likely scenarios, based on stats and form, but because there’s no such thing as a professional tip really.

The Casino Section is Market leading too with free spins and exclusive offers, live chat with other players, plus in depth reviews of the top online casinos whether slots, live dealer or mobile sites. Play Poker, Black Jack with your hands as loaded as possible.

The YFB Academy is also the most comprehensive around and teaches you everything you need to succeed and play like a pro.


Last but not least, the sports news section is updated every five minutes, while the TV tab lists everything that’s on.

Betting at Tioga Downs Casino


On May 14,2018 a vote was passed by the Supreme Court of U.S, this vote was in the favor of the legalization of sports betting, which of course would affect the future of casinos.

Tioga Downs Casino is the casino which is currently in the complete process of bringing sports betting into their house. Prior to this, Jim Weed who is the marketing manager of Toga Down’s Casino said few words at the club of Rotary Club of Binghamton related to the additions which would be done in upcoming days in the resort, as well as the expectations of people which is increasing in the field of gambling of sports.

Weed said that they have not received any updates. They are hoping to have it completely done in time,  for the season of football and this has not happened till date.

Further he also added to it that they are hoping that in a short span of time after the completion of a year something would take place. But what is it, they too don’t know about it. They are just hoping about it and it would add a different demographic to their client base and the atmosphere would be full of excitement.

Macau Casinos to reopen after $186 Miilion loss


Typhoon Mangkhut forcement of 33 hour shutdown  of the greatest hub of gambling led to the retreatment of Macau casino. Leading operators including Sands China Ltd. and Wynn Macau Ltd. cost of operating was put to halt whose estimation was found to be near about $186 million in revenue.

Taking a hour of ferry ride from Hong Kong, all the nearby casinos reopened at 8 1.m in the morning which is their local time. As soon as the government passed the order of shutting down the casinos, sharp at 11 p.m all the doors were shut as the storm was about to approach.

A  fall in the Bloomberg Intelligence index could be noticed for Macau Casino for nearabout 2.1 percent on the  early morning Monday trading in Hong Kong, with the other group such as Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd. and SJM holdings Ltd. leading to losses.

Shutdown of casino on an overall estimation is expected to cost 1.1 billion from Macau 1.5 billion from patacas in lost gaming revenue, this was the estimation made by Union Gaming Securities Asia Ltd. analyst Grant Govertsen.

As per the employees of Industry it was stated that it was for the first time when Macau shut down gambling since in the year 2002 the license was taken out.

An estimation can be made in storm disruption which would consequently dampen revenue of casino in Macau with the Govertsen and other analysts which would result in the lowering of the outlook of hub.

The month of September’s revenue growth rate would turn out to be much more effective as 7 percentage points, these were said by Govertsen, who almost cut in half the previous forecast of the firm with an increase by 15%.

A direct impact of storm could be noticed which would cut off third quarter of revenue growth by 2 percentage points, to near about 12 percent.

Owners of Suffolk to Down file against Everett


Suffolk Downs racetrack, the former owners on Monday filed a $1 billion federal lawsuit against Wynn Resorts, alleging the casino giant. This allegation was regarding the frequently obtained license for its Everett gaming palace at the expenditure of Suffolk,  which is the initial front-runner for the license of Greater Boston.

In page number 37 many such allegations of civil complaint has been filed by Sterling Suffolk Racecourse LLC against Wynn Resorts. These have been aired prior to the legal proceedings.

Including the ousted founder Steve Wynn the suit currently names current and former Wynn executive, and FBT Everett Realty, one of the leading companies that has been selling its land to Wynn Resorts for the casino as their defendants.

The filing states few words regarding it that the suit currently presents the very situation the RICO statute.. this was basically adopted to address one of the criminal enterprise which would be competing by unfair means with legitimate businesses through a definite pattern of racketeering.

On Tuesday this claim was rejected by Wynn Resorts.

Further the Wynn Company added to it that the current lawsuit was brought by Richard Fields, who is an unsuccessful applicant for the licenses given to Wynn Resorts. The claims he has presented are baseless and don’t play any role in the current discussion. They would jointly mount a vigorous defense.

Civil filing takes efforts and identifies Fields as one of the head company who plays a role as major investor in the Sterling Suffolk Racecourse.

It was the requirement of the state  law which stated that all the casino applicants would disclose any of the criminal ties or wrong actions among their partners and investors. This was one of the field were Wynn resorts failed to do so prior to the time when state Gaming Commission provided a license to the company in the year 2014.

Pennsylvania’s Valley Forge Casino provides expansion in Boyd Gaming


Completion of $280.5m acquisition of  Boyd Gaming Corporation takes place for the Valley Forge Casino Resort in Pennsylvania in the King Of Prussia. Announcement of the great expansion bhyy the firm is done for its US portfolio.

Making a massive move of its operation to 25 different casino properties towards the total eight of nation’s states which are named as Illinois, lowa, Kansas, Nevada, Mississippi one of the entities which cover around a 40,000-square foot area with a great number of around 600 slot of machines and game tables having a count of 50, has also been set to raise the energy level of the casino.

President and the chief executive officer of Boyd Gaming stated that a key expansion of their portfolio is represented by Valley Forge which would offer them an opportunity to help the vibrant region of northeast.

This would be the first time when a hope of ray, i.e opportunity would been provided for all the players who are keenly interested in gaming industry in Pennsylvania. The company claims that in coming years they look forward to come up with many more such initiatives to increase the growth at this industry.

A quick move towards the growth of industry would take place providing industries with around 250 slot machines to all the casino floor. A close observation would be held to make a decision whether to provide both online gaming and sports wagering through the partnership that  has been created with FanDuel Group.

At Valley Forge this expansion has been highly appreciated and they feel great to welcome all of the people of Valley Forge to indulge themselves in Boyd Gaming.

Placed in the west of downtown Philadelphia, around 20 miles from the location Boyd’s first property in the Keystone state gets represented by Valley Forge.

Their potential to provide other states too with this product totally depends on the lawmakers.