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Paul Phua and Tom Dwan play $2.3M pot at Triton SHR jeju 2018 cash game

Another Fascinating episode of high stakes poker from the triton poker Super High Roller Jeju 2018 crash game arrived this week, highlighted by a huge hand between Paul Phua and Tom Dwan.

The Currency used in game was south Korean Won, with $1 USD currently the equivalent of about 1,115. The stakes of the game were 3M/6M with a 6M blind ante, and they were using a 12M straddle as well, which means there was 27M in the middle before the cards were dealt.

“The Straddle makes everybody  play looser, ” explains Veldhuis, nothing how the straddle essentially functions as an extra blind”.

“Its best made before people have seen their hands, so there’s extra dead money out there.

Phua considered for a moment, then put in another reraise to 320M, pushing the total pot to the equivalent of $431,100.

“This is one of the moments where Tom Dwan’s image works against him” comments Veldhuis, alluding to Dwan’s frequent aggression and how it can often elicit other players playing aggressive against him with a wide range.

Dwan started hand with just under 1.3B and after spending a lengthy time in the tank he choose to put all of that in the middle, than Expressed disgust when Phua snap called to reveal his ace.

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