Unikrn łączy się z FYX w nowej umowie dotyczącej gier online i e-sportu

Unikrn łączy się z FYX w nowej umowie dotyczącej gier online i e-sportu

It has been announced today that world leading esports betting brand Unikrn has linked up with FYX Gaming, an esports technology firm that develops blockchain solutions, in a new online gaming and esports deal.

The link-up will see the two companies work together on delivering next generation products in iGaming technology and solutions.

Both FYX Gaming and Unikrn will collaborate initially on the new CryptoFights fighting game that is skill based and operates by using historical esports match data, which people can bet on using the live betting functionality.

A non-stop stream of content is provided using actual, real life data from CryptoFights matches, which are recorded live to the Bitcoin blockchain via the providers platform.

This revolutionary new online gaming and esports agreement will integrate the popular CryptoFights game to the Unikrn Virtual product and is the first of many integrations that are expected to take place over the coming months.

CryptoFights is an online fighting game that pits fighters against each-other on a one versus one basis. Fighters play against each taking turns to make moves and actions. The integration of this platform using the system will allow bets to be placed on live matches that have taken place prior to loading an event.

According to reports, blockchain data products can be leveraged for future games and esports on the paltform.

This new age online gaming and betting mechanic is set for full public launch later in the year and brings a revolutionary new way to wager online using real currency.

Initially, the platform is to offer native cash matches and tournaments and allows game developers a method to monetize their creations.

Game integrity will be verified to ensure genuine outcomes and fairness and implementation is set to be made readily available with no up front cost to developers of all sizes in the industry.

Bitcoin SV is the platform that powers the FYX Gaming system and integrates a a data ledger that is used to store individual match data on a permanent basis that has been collected in real-time, reaffirming the integrity of outcomes and opening up opportunities for new competitive features for monetization.

Chief executive officer of FYX Gaming Adam Kling commented on the partnership:

Today’s agreement between FYX and Unikrn is a huge first step towards shifting the business and monetization models that underpin the gaming industry.

The partnership immediately creates an all-new revenue stream for game developers, with the foundation laid for future games on FYX to follow the CryptoFights template and integrate with Unikrn – another unique feature enabled through our innovative blockchain-based esports platform.

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