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Poland Struggles With Illegal Unlicensed Gambling Operators
Poland Struggles With Illegal Unlicensed Gambling Operators

Poland Struggles With Illegal Unlicensed Gambling Operators

Illegal gambling operations are widespread in Poland and have been cutting in the state revenues. The illegal unlicensed operators catering to the Polish customers have mushroomed after the amendments were made to the country’s Gambling Act back in 2017.

An audit report published by The Polish Supreme Audit Office (NIK) reveals that there has been a significant rise in illegal gambling in the country. The report also advocates for granting additional powers to the Ministry of Finance to tackle the growing menace of illegal gambling.

The report estimates that the illegal online betting market in Poland is worth PLN7.9bn (£1.63bn/€1.82bn/$2.02bn) for 2018 – it was only PLN5.0bn in 2015. However, the legal Polish online betting also grew by 600% to PLN3.88bn between 2015 and 2018.

Earlier this year, in April, in a bid to expand gambling-related tourism and the industry on the whole in Poland, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced to create a new and unique gambling zone in the country.

Poland grants 4 percent of the entire gambling to revenue to NGOs. Recently, the Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Culture Minister, Piotr Gliński, has confirmed that during the last 18 months, 4 percent of the entire tax revenue generated from gambling in the country has been distributed to non-governmental organizations.

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