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Proposed Changes To Irish Gambling Laws Could Lead To A 300 Percent Increase In Stakes
Proposed Changes To Irish Gambling Laws Could Lead To A 300 Percent Increase In Stakes

Proposed Changes To Irish Gambling Laws Could Lead To A 300 Percent Increase In Stakes

It has been a long time since we have been waiting for revised Irish gambling regulation, thanks to the lawmakers and the slow progress due to numerous governmental procedures.

While the new regulations are also claiming to reduce gambling harm and illegal gambling in the country, the proposed changes to the 1956 Gambling Bill could lead to a massive 300 percent increase in stakes on slot machines in Ireland.

The current status is the maximum stakes placed is limited to 3 cents according to the 1956 act; however, according to a report by the Irish Times, the proposed changes would raise the maximum stake to €10 (£9; $11), and the payout would increase to €750 (£674; $840).

David Norris, an Independent member of the Irish Senate, and a staunch critic of the proposed changes says “From 3 cent to €10 is bad enough, but from 50 cents to €750 clearly raises this situation beyond the question of gaming for amusement.”

What’s worrying is that Ireland has been facing issues of increasing gambling addictions, especially among teenagers and children. A recent study reveals that out of every ten gamblers in the country one is underage.

The survey also finds that15% of boys aged 15 to 17 have wagered on horse or dog races at least once in the past year while 12% had bought a scratch card or lottery ticket in the past year.

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  • Of course headlines like ” 300 Percent Increase ” are going to prevail when you are dealing with successive governments in Ireland who refused to deal with the issue since 1956 !, The department responsible have used excuses like , “It’s a complicated situation” or “There are many factors to consider” , So how come every other country in the world managed to move with the times and roll our a proper regulated gaming Legislation ? in some cases less than six months ? Ireland is great for kicking the ball over and back , hoping that one day it might just burst or disappear.

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