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S.E.S Member Shoo Gets Suspended Prison Term
S.E.S Member Shoo Gets Suspended Prison Term

S.E.S Member Shoo Gets Suspended Prison Term

A member of the once very popular girl group S.E.S., Shoo, received a suspended prison term on Monday for habitual gambling.
Yoo Soo-young, Shoo’s real name, was sentenced by the Seoul Eastern District Court to six months in jail and also suspended for two years. The court has additionally, ordered her to perform 80 hours of community service.

The court ruled that Shoo needs to be held accountable given her reputation and also the frequency and amount of gambling, although her acts may seem as only infractions by an individual.

She was charged with gambling in various foreign countries including Macak from August of 2016 to May 2018. The complete amount of money she gambled had reached a whooping 790 million won (US$720,000)

Two people who had gambled with Shoo accused her of not paying back some 600 million won that they had lent to her. Prosecutors did not press charges regarding these fraud accusations.

The girl group S.E.S has ruled the K-pop scene from the debut of the team in 1997 to its disbandment in the year 2002. She got married in 2010 to a basketball star and currently has three children.

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