Sports betting already paying off for Berks based Casino Company


Horse Race wagering enthusiasts Joseph D’ Amato says he’s pleasantly surprised by the arrival of sports betting at Wyomissing based Penn National Gaming’s Hollywood Casino in East Hanover Township, Dauphin County.

“I was here to bet the races and came down from upstairs and came where they usually have this,” D Amato said. “Next thing i see, they have the boards. I knew as soon as I saw the boards set up, sports betting was here. I think everybody’s been waiting for it.”

It’s a brand new revenue stream for the casino industry and for the states. Casino have to pay a $10 Million fee to operate sports betting and the states take more than 30% in taxes, well above what other states take.

“We have heard so much favourable about “boy are we glad that sports betting is here,” Fred Lipkin Vice President of Marketing for Hollywood Casino said. “They don’t have to go to vegas. They don’t have to drive to Delaware.”

” I think we are seeing a little bit of a younger crowd than we are used to seeing in the casino.” Lipkin Explained. “A lot of people never came out to the casino. They just thought it was slot machines and table games but it’s an entire entertaining experience. It’s Dining. It’s Gaming.”

” The Months from September through March Madness are going to be the most powerful month at a Sports book.” Lipkin Said.