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How gamblers get to trust online casinos?

How do you know which casinos to trust and which that you shouldn’t trust? Understanding which casinos to trust and which not to matters because of how the wrong casino will fail to pay you even after you have won. No one deserves that kind of treatment. If you even have a doubt in your mind, you may want to seek an online gaming opportunity elsewhere. You have a few things that you can do to check if a casino will be reputable or not.

Experience matters

The casinos that have the most experience will usually have proven themselves a trusted casino. Not in all cases, but this could be an indication that you have a solid casino. To stay safe and secure, you usually don’t want to play at the smaller and lesser-known casinos because of how they don’t have the same reputation as some of the bigger ones. They don’t have as much of a proven track record, and they might be a smaller casino for a reason.


To be a legitimate operation, casinos must have licensing to prove that they can be trusted. Be careful of the licensing as well. All of the most trusted online casinos will have a license at the government level. Some of the most significant licenses that you will see were issued from Gibraltar, UK or Malta.

Some of the top licenses that you will see include:

  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • The Malta Gaming Authority
  • The Isle of Man Gaming Commission
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

You have several different types of licenses that a regulatory authority might issue, and you want to make sure that the license covers what type of gaming that you might be doing. For example, you want to make sure that the casino has the right gaming license.

The other thing about a licensed online casino is that it shows that the right fees were paid to make a legitimate operation. You can only get these licenses through showing fairness, security and transparency. If they have licensing from these authorities, you can assume that they will be trustworthy. Everything gets tested through strict guidelines to ensure that you have a legitimate gambling operation. To be clear, the annual fees for this licensing will be $40,000, and you usually have to pay an additional fee of $20,000, this depends on the license and country the online casino will operate. Normally, this license will last for seven years.


To know if a casino is trustworthy, you will first have to consider the fairness of its operations. The license shows that they play fairly, but the casino that you do business with should also go to great lengths to demonstrate that they play fairly. Usually, showing fairness will mean that the casino hired a third-party auditing company to demonstrate that they have played fairly. They will do all of the necessary checks at an online casino.

How does the process of auditing work? First, casinos have to report the payouts and the revenues correctly because an auditing company will check this. Otherwise, they will become a huge example of a failure to follow through with their operations. It can damage their integrity and reputation. An auditing company will closely monitor the operations to ensure that fairness exists with it. If they aren’t playing fairly, you can trust that it will be a cause for alarm. Important to note, the company doing the auditing should also be a reputable company. This is only one sign of many that you are dealing with the most trusted online casino.

Does the online casino act responsibly?

One of the ways that you can tell the difference between a reputable casino and a non-reputable casino comes from the fact that they will ensure they have protected their players. They will take measures to protect their operations from underage gamblers and the gamblers who have an addiction. While this is a fairly broad subject, they should be taking active measures to protect the vulnerable from getting into gambling. If all they seem to care about is getting more people to gamble, this could be a sign that you don’t have the most reputable casino. Not in all cases, but if you have other warning signs, you’d do well to take your business elsewhere to someone who deserves it.

Top notch payment security

In today’s world, you have ever-more sophisticated cyber attacks that have continued to make payment security even more important. If your online casino doesn’t have an SSL security certificate, and they don’t take active measures to protect you, this can be dangerous. You should also check the methods of payment to ensure that your private information never falls into the wrong hands.

One of the biggest signs that you might be dealing with a less-than-reputable casino comes from the fact that they delay your payment. Don’t even bother with a company like this. It’s a huge red flag, and if they can’t pay you on time, it shows you that you’re dealing with a fly-by-night company. Many times with the less reputable companies, you will hear how the payment was drastically delayed or how they didn’t receive payment at all. Nothing can be more frustrating than to put your money on the line, win a jackpot and be denied the right to the money that you’re owed.

Do proper research

Reviews online are good, but you want to take your research even further to make sure that you receive the best knowledge. Online casino reviews can sometimes be sprinkled with fake reviews that were intended to mislead people.

Check to see what kind of reviews were left. However, also check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that there were no complaints against this company for unlawful actions. You might also check with the Attorney General to make sure that everything checks out.

How to spot fake reviews

To spot proper reviews, you have to use some critical thinking. For example, if the review seems overly slanted in the direction of positive, you may want to check multiple reviews before you decide to gamble your money on this site. Anything that doesn’t seem right in a review should be closely scrutinized. Second, you have to check for any links going to that casino site. You can’t find trusted online casinos through reviews like this because they’re trying to get you over to that site through the link. Never trust a review that has a link to the site. Most likely, they even receive an affiliate commission for lying to you to get your business. No reputable review will have a link to the site they’re reviewing.

Finding a real company, you have to look at multiple reviews from different sites to determine the authentic nature of the site. If four out of five reviews were positive, you should look deeper into the one review that was negative. You might ask around to make sure that the company being dealt with is legitimate.

License: not enough evidence

Don’t make your decision based solely on the evidence of a license because this can mislead you. You have a huge difference between legitimate operations and non-legitimate operations. For example, we previously talked about auditing companies. Your most legitimate auditing company will be eCogra. Numerous statistical tests must be taken to determine the legitimacy of a gambling operation. Audits ensure that the casino can’t change their software or alter it in an unfair way.

A trusted online casino will have audits done on a regular basis to ensure that you have a trusted establishment. In general, they should find the average payout at 85 to 98 percent. Anything less than 85 percent shows you an unfair tilt in the favor of the casino. Honestly, even 85 percent doesn’t seem all that appealing when you consider how you can get better operations with a 98 percent payout.

Set limits on a deposit

For problematic gamblers who struggle with addiction, the casino should offer a set limit on deposits to ensure that you can’t go over. All legitimate gambling operations will have limits that ensure that gamblers with an addiction will continue to gamble responsibly. If they don’t have this, it shows that they aren’t a responsible gambling company, and they’re only acting in their best interests. That also means that you can’t trust them to do the right thing.

Beware of minimum and maximum withdrawal limits

One of the ways that the unscrupulous companies will get your money comes from putting an unfair minimum withdrawal and an unfair maximum daily withdrawal limit. In addition, check for administration fees to ensure that everything with the company checks out. A casino needs to prove itself as a legitimate operation, not the other way around. In addition, the terms and conditions should be clear, and fast payments should be sent to the players when they choose to withdraw. Any company worth going to will have all these things.

New online casino: proceed with caution

You can certainly have new online casinos out there that have great intentions, but the problem comes from how they have no track record. They haven’t established their brand to show you that you have a good company. To ensure that you will maintain your safety in the online environment, you shouldn’t even consider a company with less than five years of experience in this business. Anything less and you start to get some of the less than reputable companies. You also want to stick with brands that have built up a solid name for themselves. Don’t settle for anything less. This is your money, after all, and you shouldn’t give it away to con artists.

Real companies care

Trusted casinos don’t take anything to do with payment lightly because of how they understand that their reputation hinges on successful and fast payouts. They give you the best because they’re a legitimate operation, and they don’t want to do anything that could tarnish their reputation as a company. They’re careful how they manage their payouts, and they keep a strict form of monitoring through audits to ensure that neither employees nor the players cheat. Everything must be done by the book when it comes to a legitimate company, and they won’t cut corners on this or compromise.

They use encryption

A huge part of customer safety comes from using encryption that protects you. Consider how you’re using your banking information, and you don’t want to give out this information to anyone. It could be extremely dangerous. In addition, you want to keep your personal details like address, date of birth and your full name private. All financial transactions should be protected through SSL protocol.

The sensitive information passed between your PC and the casino should all have encryption on it. This lowers the risk that your information will get hacked or leaked to someone else, which could be serious. Reliable companies will continue to seek out the best in security, and they will ensure that their sites remain free from spyware, viruses and malware that could compromise security. Security is paramount because of how it guarantees a protected experience. You don’t want to do anything to where a hacker could get access to your most private information because of the amount of damage that it could do to your finances.

You have a few key characteristics of trusted casinos. First, they will have dependable customer service, safe banking options, fair bonus offers and social responsibility. If they are missing even one of these traits, don’t walk, run the other direction. You could be making a huge mistake. Not to mention, there’s plenty of great companies out there to where you don’t have to give your money to disreputable companies that don’t have your best interests at heart. There’s too many good ones out there to settle for anything less than the best.