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Tokyo Chooses Deloitte for Casino Impact Study

Recently, Tokyo Government have selected Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC as their business firm to do, what they typically term as “Integrated Resort Impact Study”.

According to some resources, the Tokyo study, announced in early September, is to search and analyse the likely impact on Tokyo of hosting a casino resort- a type of facility referred to as Japan in as “Integrated Resort” and including the topic of “gambling addiction”. The latter part in the subject is a topic of public debate in Japan related to the casino issues.

Bureau of Port and Harbour has previously commissioned and studied some public cases on overseas Casino reports.

Brokerage CLSA Ltd. Indicated in a Hong Kong Briefing that the first Japanese resort might not open until 2026 at the earliest, with Tokyo and Osaka are likely to be the front runner locations for the first openings.

In first phase, only three resorts are to be permitted, according to the Integrated Resorts Implementation act, which was passed by Japan’s Parliament.

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