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Win System launches Card2Go in Mexico, its unique 2 in 1 solution, casino gaming card and debit card

Win Systems, the leading technology suppliers for the Gaming and Entertainment industry, has recently announced it has fully integrated the groundbreaking Card2Go dual account, dual modality debit card created by Cash2Go Inc. A speciality fintech based company in Las Vegas.

Card2Go is a unique and new invention in the Gaming industry, it simply allowing a single card to be used as a gaming card inside the casino in the closed loop Environment which is managed by Win System WIGOS casino management System and to be used outside the casino in the open loop networks as a debit card to make purchases at merchants, online and to obtain cash at ATMs.

This Card2Go uses two separate balances, which will be managed by the consumer using Card2Go mobile app (Available for both iOS and Android) where they can transfer funds between them in real time. This App also allows Card2Go to receive notice of events, customized coupons and other special benefits.

The Integration of the Card2Go platform with the WIGOS CMS Card Assurance a straightforward process, done at the casino cashier in real time.

The first offering of this card occurred last week at Casino Central in Hermosillo, Mexico. WIGOS platform of Win Systems are used by most casinos in Mexico, expects other Casino operators to follow suit and implement  Card2Go in coming Months.

CEO of Win Systems, Eric Benchimol said, ” We are very proud of the introduction of Card2Go, which will offer Casino operators an innovation that will completely benefit the customer experience, but which also provides casino operators meaningful business capabilities. The product took time to develop, but we can now see it was worth investing the time and Energy”.

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